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Learning with Open Source

83f7b66c4dee7effbb3717027f99282b?s=47 Sayanee
July 23, 2013

Learning with Open Source

Making Open Source: Wordpress Themes - Learning by creating projects for everyday use



July 23, 2013

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  1. making open source wordpress themes learning by creating projects for

    everyday use
  2. www.sayan.ee @sayanee_

  3. make learn ship help

  4. make learn ship help open source

  5. wordpress theme oct 2011 - dec 2012 minimal design, responsive

  6. make learn new stuff use it myself others will use

    php, responsive design for my blog design for their websites bonus!
  7. make read documentation wordpress codex getting started

  8. make localhost development one-step to get started server scripting &

    alias build tool demo
  9. make localhost development one-step to get started server scripting &

    alias build tool demo Premature optimization is the root of all evil ~ Donald Knuth
  10. make know the structure readme, screenshot, css, php demo view

    files 404.php, footer.php project files readme, screenshot coding files build tool, preprocessor
  11. make asset processing in 1 step css, javascript, images demo

  12. make start with an example starter themes naked starter theme

    underscores.me theme generator demo
  13. make encouragement suggestions share your first version social media, github

  14. ship publish my creation feedback from wordpress central hub of

    themes adherence to guidelines
  15. version with numbers semantic versioning ship major.minor.patch

  16. license type and effects apache, gpl mit ship

  17. asset handling & format javascript, css ship style.css coding style

    javascript enqueue script
  18. test for all types of data post, page, images, gallery,

    text ship wp-config.php demo
  19. build for upload + blog upload for production & wordpress

    theme directory ship demo remove production folder remove zip to upload create production folder create zip to upload
  20. upload for approval work with guidelines ship demo approved!

  21. help help users with issues hear from others detect issues

    or customise update and integrate with feedback
  22. support emails demo I absoulutely love your wordpress theme Ice

    Cap. Is there anyway I can remove the header? I try, but when I click header it says I do not have permission to change header. Just checking. I am trying to remove the photo. Thanks again for putting together this AWESOME wordpress theme!!!! I love your Ice Cap theme – but can’t work out how to change the colour of the title font. Is this possible? Hi. I'm using your Ice Cap theme - love it! But I've noticed that it won't allow me to format in bold or italic. I'm not sure if there's something that I've done wrong (I'm not exactly Mr. Technie) or if it's something that needs to fixed in the code. Would love to hear from you about what might be wrong. OK, so I have set up the WP self hosted at my domain. What I wanted to do is remove the gray bar area and "home" link there too. I do not want these on any pages of site. I attached a screenshot of the homepage, and added red line showing what I mean. Hope its not too hard to modify, and it wont ruin all your coding work! ask: url, screenshot help: file name, line# help
  23. one-page website demo most common emails help most common resources

  24. feedback ratings & ideas demo help

  25. learn thorough with guidelines forgive my own mistakes inspired by

    senior coders create more ideas understand why or why not time management, comments, ratings 10,000 hours fall in love with the doing, not the idea
  26. usage is the oxygen for ideas ~ matt mullenweg founder

    of wordpress