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Principles of effective developers

Principles of effective developers

Sebastian Daschner

October 14, 2021

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  1. Principles Of Effective Developers Sebastian Daschner

  2. @DaschnerS Sebastian Daschner • Consultant, trainer, book author • Jakarta

    EE Committer, JCP Expert Group Member • Java Champion • Oracle Groundbreaker Ambassador (Alumni) • JavaOne Rockstar speaker
  3. @DaschnerS German Efficiency FTW

  4. @DaschnerS Principle: Embrace automation

  5. @DaschnerS Use shortcuts

  6. @DaschnerS $> command-line && \ the power of UNIX

  7. @DaschnerS $> alias l='echo aliases are great!' bindkey '^T' print--shortcuts-too

  8. @DaschnerS

  9. @DaschnerS Principle: Minimize context switches

  10. @DaschnerS You want to be productive? Throw away your mouse.

  11. @DaschnerS Keyboard usage FTW

  12. @DaschnerS VIM way of typing

  13. @DaschnerS Keep turnaround cycles short

  14. @DaschnerS Principle: Take a step back and reflect

  15. @DaschnerS Principle: Don’t make me think (twice)

  16. @DaschnerS Automation == Documentation

  17. @DaschnerS Keep a todo list no, really

  18. @DaschnerS Principle: Know your craft

  19. @DaschnerS Read the documentation no, really

  20. @DaschnerS Principle: Share what you know

  21. @DaschnerS Write documentation no, really

  22. @DaschnerS Share knowledge

  23. @DaschnerS Principle: Manage distractions & focus

  24. @DaschnerS

  25. @DaschnerS Working environments

  26. @DaschnerS Principle: Continuously improve

  27. @DaschnerS Tests, the automated way

  28. @DaschnerS Continuous Delivery

  29. Productivity Principles 1. Embrace automation 2. Minimize context switches 3.

    Take a step back and reflect 4. Don’t make me think (twice) 5. Know your craft 6. Share what you know 7. Manage distractions & focus 8. Continuously improve
  30. @DaschnerS Principle: Use the saved time to relax

  31. Thank You For Your Attention! • daschner.dev/productive-dev • @DaschnerS