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Seven Principles That Will Boost Your Developer Productivity

Seven Principles That Will Boost Your Developer Productivity

Sebastian Daschner

October 31, 2019

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  1. @DaschnerS Sebastian Daschner • Lead Java Developer Advocate @ IBM

    • Conference speaker, trainer, book author • JCP Expert Group member & Jakarta EE Committer • Java Champion • Oracle Groundbreaker Ambassador (Alumni) • JavaOne Rockstar speaker
  2. @DaschnerS More automation: code as code ✓ configuration as code

    ✓ infrastructure as code ✓ everything as code
  3. @DaschnerS Productivity Principles 1. Embrace automation 2. Focus & eliminate

    context switches 3. Take a step back and reflect 4. Don’t make me think (twice) 5. Know your craft 6. Communicate