Just Open a Socket - Connecting Applications to Distributed Systems

Just Open a Socket - Connecting Applications to Distributed Systems

Client-server programming is a discipline as old as computer networks and well-known. Just connect socket to the server and send some bytes back and forth, right?

Au contraire! Building reliable, robust client libraries and applications is actually quite difficult, and exposes a lot of classic distributed and concurrent programming problems. From understanding and manipulating the TCP/IP network stack, to multiplexing connections across worker threads, to handling partial failures, to juggling protocols and encodings, there are many different angles one must cover.

In this talk, we'll discuss how Basho has addressed these problems and others in our client libraries and server-side interfaces for Riak, and how being a good client means being a participant in the distributed system, rather than just a spectator.


Sean Cribbs

May 13, 2013