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We have quite a few go-to chili recipes, but this Pork, Pumpkin, and Black Bean Chili is my new favorite. It’s the first time I’ve made a chili using pork shoulder, but it won’t be the last. Pork shoulder is one of those meats that is usually best cooked low and slow, but cut into small cubes, it’s perfectly tender and flavorful after only about an hour of cook time. The pumpkin was a nice surprise in here too – it lends not only great color to the chili, but an earthy quality that I loved. You won’t get a lot of pumpkin flavor in the chili itself, but the pumpkin cream topping fills that void nicely.

The recipe is highly adaptable – add extra chipotle peppers to give the chili more heat, skip the beans (they weren’t in the original recipe, I added them), use a different type of bean, vary the type of beer you use, etc. Make a big pot of this pork, pumpkin, and black bean chili to enjoy while watching football on Sunday then enjoy the leftovers for dinner on Monday and Tuesday – it’s a win, win!
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