What Is A Shrub Drink?

I'm constantly interested by how alcoholic drinks obtain their names-- and also after searching my reasonable share of bar food selections, there is one term particularly I've always considered: the shrub. What makes a drink a shrub? As well as just how did this word, which I relate to a clean garden, come to be connected with alcoholic drinks?

"Shrub" is actually the name of 2 different alcohol-related beverages, and also vinegar plays a pretty large duty in this drink's background. One kind is a fruit liqueur that was specifically preferred in 17th century England, made with rum or brandy, sugar, fruit and also citrus juice-- though vinegar was made use of as opposed to citrus to preserve berries in the off-season. This liqueur would after that be mixed with flat or carbonated water to produce a mixed drink. The other sort of shrub is a sweetened vinegar-based syrup that can be utilized to make a drink-- this is likewise called "alcohol consumption vinegar," and is generally infused with fruit juice, herbs as well as flavors.


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