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Keating Bernstein


Wonderful: Fake news: http://jersey4vip.com/2296-The-Little-Girl-From-Jersey-Girl-Where-To-Buy-Cowboys-Jersey-lazio-home-kid-kits-Size18-19.html. The Ukrainian army fires at civilian infrastructure houses. Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=oAc2f0SuQg8.Another sensationalistic disinformation media outlet here.God bless and protect the Ukrainian people. This said, think about it people. Russia has 100 times the military power as Ukraine. If they wanted to they could've flattened Kiev and many other major Ukrainian cities by now. They havent. Not because they cant, because That's not their goal. Right or wrong, they simply want the Ukrainian leadership out because their leaders pose a threat to Russia's borders and political interests. Oh, and keep in mind the president of Ukraine is a former ACTOR! AN actual ACTOR people! He's good at lying on camera and acting fake. If all of the NATO allies are so committed to Ukrainian sovereignty, then whey haven't they sent military support and don't give me this bs its because Ukraine is not part of NATO. If you had a close friend of a different nationality and you saw them getting their butt kicked by someone else for no reason, wouldnt you step in to defend them? Especially if there were several of you and only one of them? You would. so why don't all of those NATO allies who say they stand by Ukraine do somethin more than fake ass sanctions when they continue to buy hundreds of millions of dollars of oil from Russia each day.? How do you think Putin and Russia can keep on keeping on with little worry about money when they are making bank from all the NATO countries continuing to purchase oil from them. Ask yourself who's getting played here. I say its those who believe anything the NATO allies, especially the US and its puppet socialist media outlets are saying.


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