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Sitegeist.MagicWand - Flow & Neos Meetup HH, No 7

April 06, 2016

Sitegeist.MagicWand - Flow & Neos Meetup HH, No 7

Tools that make the Flow/Neos development easier.


April 06, 2016


  1. SITEGEIST.MAGICWAND WHO WE ARE » Wilhelm Behncke - Developer 

    [email protected]
 twitter: @WilhelmBehncke
 slack: @wbehncke
 Neos, Flow, JS
 NeosCore Member » Martin Ficzel - Developer
 fi[email protected]
 twitter/slack: @kopfaufholz
 Neos, Flow 
 TYPO3 3.6-6.2 / ext_caretaker
 A FLOW-DEV » Cloning

    Servers » Testing Migrations » Switching between branches with migrations SOLUTION: CREATE FLOW COMMANDS FOR THAT
  3. SITEGEIST.MAGICWAND ./FLOW CLONE - PROCEDURE 1. Read local configuration →

    Flow configuration-manager 2. Fetch remote configuration → ssh and remote configuration:show 3. Check Configuration → verify mysql on both ends 4. Drop and Recreate local DB 5. Transfer Database → ssh "msqldump" | mysql 6. Transfer Files → rsync Data/Persistent 7. Clear Caches 8. Migrate cloned DB 9. Publish Resources 10.Execute post_clone commands → add user / build elastic index etc.
  4. SITEGEIST.MAGICWAND ./FLOW CLONE - PRESETS Sitegeist: MagicWand: clonePresets: # preset

    to clone the staging environment staging: host: __ip_or_servername__ user: __ssh_user__ port: __ssh_port__ path: __flow_path__ context: __flow_context__ postClone: - ’./flow user:create --Roles Administrator admin password..
  5. SITEGEIST.MAGICWAND ./FLOW CLONE - USAGE # show all available presets

    ./flow clone:list # clone from remote host with the information stored in the master preset ./flow clone:preset master # clone remote host with the information stored in the master preset ./flow clone:remotehost --host=host --user=user --port=port -- path=path --context=context
  6. SITEGEIST.MAGICWAND ./FLOW STASH:CREATE 1. Create Folder with stash-name in Data/

    MagicWandStash 2. Dump Database 3. Copy Data/Persistent -> use fs-links instead with cp -l
  7. SITEGEIST.MAGICWAND ./FLOW STASH:RESTORE 1. Check Configuration 2. Drop and Recreate

    DB 3. Restore Database from dump 4. Restore Persistent Resources -> use fs-links instead with cp -l 5. Clear Caches 6. Migrate DB 7. Publish Resources
  8. SITEGEIST.MAGICWAND ./FLOW CLONE - USAGE # Create a backup of

    the entire database and the directory `Data/ Persistent` ("stash entry") under the given name ./flow stash:create --name=name # Lists all named stash entries ./flow stash:list # Restores a stash entry ./flow stash:restore --name=name # Removes all stash entries ./flow stash:clear
  9. SITEGEIST.MAGICWAND INSTALLATION composer require --dev sitegeist/magicwand ATTENTION: This is a

    dev-tool. You don't want to have code that drops your db on production!!!
  10. SITEGEIST.MAGICWAND CONTRIBUTION » https://github.com/sitegeist/Sitegeist.MagicWand » Pull Requests are welcome! »

    Support PostgreSQL » Support more ssh/rsync options » NO WINDOWS SUPPORT IS PLANNED!!!