Myths about slot machines
Now that I have explained how honest slots work, it is time to destroy a few popular slot myths.

Myth number 1: “Slots have cycles of winning combinations. You can win by watching these cycles and joining the game at the time of the winning part of the cycle. ”
This is a myth, since slots do work on the basis of honest random numbers. The advantage of the casino is hidden in the math of the game, and there is absolutely no need to complicate the whole system with any type of cycle.

In fact, you can observe different options. But this is only the result of natural chance, which is impossible to predict.

Myth number 2: "Slot machines are programmed to not pay big wins and pay only when there is enough money in the machine."
This is the myth of the time of autonomous slot machines, when a player took his winnings directly from the slot machine. But this is still just a myth. If you win more money than you will in the slot, the casino will pay you the difference.

Modern slot machines are connected to the central server, and all winnings are paid by the casino staff, so there is no need to store cash in the slot machine. Random numbers work very well, and this myth is simply not justified.

Myth # 3 and # 4: “When the autoplay function is on, the payout is less than if you spin manually” and “Manual action on the lever in the machine gives you more chances than pressing the button for spin.”
Those who know how the slot machines are arranged, understand that both these myths have no meaning. The math of the game remains the same, and the random numbers remain valid, regardless of whether you use the autoplay function, the lever or the spin button.

How gaming machines are programmed
This is my favorite part, since in the past I personally developed software solutions for the gaming provider. :)

Running a casino and creating good games requires a number of skills. Moreover, players love to play the same games over and over again. This is probably why specialized companies were created that focus solely on creating casino games . This is also the reason why you can play Starburst slot in many casinos. NetEnt (the company that created Starburst) is an independent company.

Here is how it works in brief:

The casino initiates your gaming session.
Your browser interacts with the servers of the gaming provider, and not with the casino directly.
The random number and the result is also generated by an independent company (game provider).
The casino simply confirms your bets and is notified of your winnings by the gaming provider.
But there is one very important nuance: your loss (exactly like the gain) is absolutely random. Even if you play your favorite game in an unknown casino, you are safe from the point of view of fairness of the game . But at the same time you are not insured against the risks associated with the actual receipt of their money. In order to protect yourself, use our casino reviews to find a reputable casino that really pays money, even when you win big. In the past, I had game sessions with RTP below 50%.

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