Monetizing Mobile Games

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August 24, 2013

Monetizing Mobile Games

The mobile gaming industry is already a 10 billion dollar a year industry. Learn how independent game creators are generating their revenue, and learn how you can do the same thing. In this session you will learn all about mobile game monetization strategies including advertising options, in app purchases, and large scale user acquisition. Making money in today's mobile marketplace is a reality for those that put in the effort to create great mobile games. Learn how to step up your game and get a piece of the mobile game pie.

Talk given August 24th, 2013 by Roger Peters at the Atlanta Code Camp at SPSU in Marietta, GA.



August 24, 2013


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    CRUSHING IT • Currently takes in over $600,000/day • 48

    million players each month • Roughly 30% pay for in app purchases • Roughly 65-70% are females age 25-45 References: hBp://­‐and-­‐features/candy-­‐crush-­‐saga-­‐studio-­‐behind-­‐game-­‐with-­‐over-­‐44m-­‐monthly-­‐users-­‐promises-­‐more-­‐hits-­‐8755414.html hBp://­‐crush-­‐now-­‐making-­‐an-­‐esNmated-­‐dollar633000-­‐a-­‐day hBp://­‐crush-­‐saga-­‐gets-­‐50-­‐million-­‐players-­‐a-­‐day-­‐dev-­‐announces-­‐two-­‐new-­‐games/ Candy  Crush  Saga  -­‐  KING
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    ZOMBIE DOMINATION • Brings in ~$1+ million a year •

    Built by husband and wife team References: hBp://­‐mika-­‐mobile-­‐update-­‐why-­‐they-­‐really-­‐quit-­‐android/ Zombieville  USA  -­‐  Mika  Mobile
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    DON’T BE A ONE HIT WONDER Angry Birds was Rovio’s

    52nd game • Focus on longer-term goals • Being a game developer takes commitment • Some games are one-hit wonders, but the only certain route to success is growing your user base over time
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    DON’T BE A ONE HIT WONDER • Create an app

    network • Look at every new game release as an opportunity to build your overall user base • Cross-promote across your app network • Use your app network to help launch your new titles
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    MASTER SOCIAL MARKETING • 25% of adults hear about games

    through social media • 50% of mobile game players learn about games from friends and family • Increase your game’s virility • Free games are much more likely to get installed • Social sharing goes further the more platforms you are on
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    REDUCE GAME ATROPHY With so many games available, players get

    tired of a game quick, and are ready to move on. The longer you can keep your core users engaged, the longer you can capitalize on them. Expert examples of never-ending updates: Jetpack Joyride and Fish Out of Water by Halfbrick Studios How long can you make your long-tail?
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    HAVE MULTIPLE REVENUE STREAMS There are a growing number of

    ways to monetize your apps. Here is a brief listing: • Banner ads (ex: iAD, Admob, Amazon, etc.) • Full-screen interstitial ads (ex: Chartboost, RevMob, etc.) • In-app-purchases • Surveys (ex: Pollfish) • Real-world rewards (ex: Kiip) • Physical goods (ex: Angry Birds plushies) • Affiliate programs • Subscriptions • Shady practices (Android exclusive)
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    IMPORTANT FACTORS OF SUCCESS • Games which are monetizing the

    best are using a ‘freemium’ model. Users are cheap, don’t be stingy. • Industry leaders focus on RPI (return-per- install), ASO (app-store-optimization), and large scale user acquisition. • Cross-platform games have a larger potential user base, have their word-of-mouth and social marketing go further, and are less affected by market shifts.
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    GENERAL TIPS • Reward users • Leaving reviews • Sharing

    with friends • Must go-wide for ‘freemium’ to work • Paid apps account for only 10% of downloads • Don’t annoy your users (limit ad frequency, etc.) • Spend time analyzing marketplace top charts • Read other games’ post-mortems
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    MONETIZATION TIPS • Get familiar with in app purchases (IAP)

    • Consumables • Unlockables • Get familiar with IAP methods • Virtual currency • Virtual items • Sell, sell, sell • Via multiple revenue streams • Via in-app stores, pause screens, and popups
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    DESIGN TIPS • Never design for fixed screen sizes •

    Design for a higher resolution than necessary • Create assets in vector formats when possible (most important for 2D games) • Invest time in your marketplace assets • Don’t reinvent the wheel (utilize Humster3D, and other asset libraries)
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    APP DISCOVERY IS INVALUABLE “Flashlight” earns $1400+/day today on iOS

    – not because it was revolutionary, but because it was established in the market before it was over saturated.
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