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5 key steps to effective Tech SEO audits

5 key steps to effective Tech SEO audits

Silvia Martin, an independent SEO consultant and founder of Trebole, shares her learnings and key steps for making technical SEO audits more effective.
She emphasizes the importance of customizing the audit to client needs and identifying its purpose.

Silvia Martin

June 13, 2023

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  1. What is a tech SEO audit Main challenges 5 key

    steps Summary Talk Summary @SearchLDN @silvia_smp
  2. ➔ I’m an independent SEO Consultant and the founder of

    Trebole. Trilingual (Spanish, French, Spanish) ➔ I have 9+ years of SEO experience, working in-house, agency side and now as independent consultant. ➔ Working with a wide range of clients: BTB, BTC, e-commerce, leading brands. ➔ Masters Degree in Marketing - PPA - Paris ➔ I have lived in 5 different countries: Spain, Canada, France, China and United Kingdom. ➔ Based in London, UK. Working remotely with international companies. @silvia_smp
  3. What is a Tech SEO Audit? A Tech SEO Audit

    is not just a simple checklist A Tech SEO Audit is not just a list of issues to fix A Tech SEO Audit is not just an automated report from tools @silvia_smp @SearchLDN
  4. A tech SEO Audit is a thorough process, overviewing areas

    of technical weakness or potential issues that might prevent a website from maximising its organic search potential and finding opportunities to improve SEO performance. @silvia_smp @SearchLDN
  5. 1. Client/Brand Needs Assessment Resources Business Context Main KPI’s Business

    Model Purpose SEO maturity CMS Technology used @silvia_smp @SearchLDN
  6. Use the client/brand information to craft a personalised scope Client/Brand

    agreement of the main audit sections @silvia_smp @SearchLDN
  7. 3. Tools Make sure you have access to the specific

    tools needed for the selected sections. @silvia_smp @SearchLDN
  8. Make sure that you have access to the right tools

    before starting the audit Specific tools for each section @silvia_smp @SearchLDN
  9. Manage expectations - Agreement of deliverables Clear recommendations including solutions,

    prioritised Delivery meeting (Q&A) @silvia_smp @SearchLDN
  10. Summary Direct client/brand communication to customise the tech audit Agreement

    of the scope of work Access to the right tools @silvia_smp @SearchLDN