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How to choose the best npm module for your team?

Sota Sugiura
November 23, 2018

How to choose the best npm module for your team?

Presented at NodeFest 2018@Tokyo


Sota Sugiura

November 23, 2018

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  1. 197

  2. Define the Goal • There are still many problems to

    solve • We always use some tool to solve that problem
  3. Search a npm module • www.npmjs.com • awesome-* pages •

    Recommendation from other engineers • Googling
  4. Select from candidates • When you have multiple choices, you

    need to compare them • There are a lot of points to do that
  5. • Star count • API design • Size of community

    • Performance • Documentation • Test coverage • Quality of code • and so on...
  6. Again, the Goal is... • Let’s decide the priority by

    thinking about the Goal • If you will use it for prototyping, not necessary to mind test coverage • If you will use it for only development environment, file size won’t be a problem
  7. Using a npm module is not free :( • It

    takes time to maintain • Managing vulnerability/version • If maintenance stops, you will need to fork it
  8. Think about Pros/Cons everytime • We SHOULD think about Pros/Cons

    everytime • What is the benefit to use that? • What is the problem to use that? • If Pros won, let’s use that!
  9. Make it better! • You should be able to explain

    the reason • It’ll be a good experience even if you made a wrong decision