Practical Runtime Hackery

Practical Runtime Hackery

NSSpain 2013 - Logroño.

Join me on a tour that shows unconventional yet elegant real-world solutions to common problems on application design, creative ways in utilizing the iOS runtime, smoothy back-port code for older iOS versions and much more. Knowledge of the runtime will enable you to write less code, work faster and above all - it's a lot of fun!

Without the notes, some context will be lost. It's important to understand that some of the approaches here might not be worth it in smaller projects, but they help to reduce the complexity throughout the project and bundle them into one file - with the result that the parts you work on everyday are simpler, even though the new parts might be much more complex. So overall, it *reduces* the total lines of code, and/or their perceived complexity of the system.


Peter Steinberger

September 18, 2013