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Suzanne Alexandra

Suzanne Alexandra

Seven ways to make the user experience of your Android mobile tablet app delightful. Presented at Mobile Web DevCon, Boston, July 2013.


Suzanne Alexandra

July 17, 2013

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  2. WHO AM I?   Suzanne Alexandra Founder & Creative Director

  3. Watch video here! Piano Staircase! http://bit.ly/4AzH0C!


  5. One Quietly sense! The app listens for the right signal

    and helps!
  6. Use! GPS, accelerometer, light sensor,! microphone, facial recognition, optical sensors!

  7. Watch video here! Google Maps! http://bit.ly/11361gK!

  8. Don’t! Require setup, configuration, or training the app!

  9. Do! Make it seem effortless.! The user does nothing!

  10. Two Use! stunning images" … why?!

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  13. See images and remember 65%.! Text, 10%."

  14. Lemonade!"

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  20. Three Practice simplicity" … what’s that?!

  21. Simplicity is about subtracting! the obvious, and adding the !

    meaningful.! ! - John Maeda, The Laws of Simplicity!
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  23. Shibumi =" Austerity, simplicity, naturalness, subtlety!

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  28. To be truly simple, you have to go really deep

    and deeply understand the real essence of a product.! ! - Jony Ive!
  29. Four Use subtle motion!

  30. Why?! Movement breathes life into everything it touches!

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  32. We’re not talking about this" kind of animation!

  33. Instead! Flips, fades, transitions, zooms, page loads!

  34. Do! Watch the speed!

  35. Watch video here! Google Plus! http://bit.ly/152UgI5!

  36. Do! Be in tune with your! app concept!

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  39. Do! Be subtle. Animation should never fight with content or

    functionality! !
  40. Five Surprise, but subtly!

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  43. Do! Make the surprise fun! and a reward!

  44. Do! Make the surprise! visually engaging!

  45. Six Content, content,! content!

  46. None
  47. It’s dopamine

  48. Unpredictability! keeps people searching!

  49. Dr  Susan  Weinschenk  

  50. Do! refresh content constantly!

  51. Do! provide small bits of info! and a way to

    get more!
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  53. Do …! Have near-instant response!

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  57. Remember time limits:! 0.1, 1.0 and 6.0!

  58. Seven Use friendly messages!

  59. Copywriting is the! secret weapon! of UX!

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  61. Do! Use short, simple words! with no technical jargon!

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  63. Do! Use a friendly, conversational, human tone!

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  65. Do! Reinforce with images!

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  68. Quietly sense! Use stunning images! Practice simplicity! Use subtle motion!

    Surprise, but subtly! Content, content, content! Use friendly messages!
  69. Good design! Makes you happy !

  70. Questions?! Huge thanks :-)! ! @suzalex!