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Rob Sinclair: the power of Open Data to the NHS

June 15, 2017

Rob Sinclair: the power of Open Data to the NHS

This deck is by Rob Sinclair and was used to support his talk about the power of Open Data to the NHS at Swirrl's 2017 data conference http://power-of-data-2017.swirrl.com/. He explains how MyNHS aims to bring together and publish Open Data to make a difference to services we all expect to be there when we need them.


June 15, 2017

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  1. The  power  of  Open  Data  to  the  NHS Swirrl Data

     Conference  15th June  2017 presented  by  Rob  Sinclair, @rhcsinclair
  2. What  do  you  know  about  the  NHS? 2 1.6  million

     patients,  every  36  hours
  3. What  do  you  know  about  the  NHS? 3 Annual  budget

     of  £116.4bn
  4. What  do  you  know  about  the  NHS? 4 1.5  million

  5. What  do  you  know  about  the  NHS? 5 Over  150k

  6. What  do  you  know  about  the  NHS? 6 Over  40k

  7. What  do  you  know  about  the  NHS? 7 Over  315k

  8. What  do  you  know  about  the  NHS? 8 Over  18.5k

     Ambulance  Staff
  9. What  do  you  know  about  the  NHS? 9 Over  111k

     health  care  professionals
  10. What  do  you  know  about  the  NHS? 10 Annual  budget

     of  £116.4bn
  11. What  do  you  know  about  the  NHS? 11

  12. Providers  of  Data NHS  England NHS  Digital Public  Health  England

    Care  Quality  Commission Department  of  Health NHS  Improvement
  13. Providers  of  Data

  14. What  are  some  of  the  problems? 14

  15. How  the  NHS  works 15

  16. Open  data  in  the  health  sector 16

  17. Single  authoritative  online source 17

  18. My  NHS  – aims  to  make  NHS  and  care  data

     available  and  accessible My  NHS site  is  designed: • for  the public,  professionals and  organisations;; • to  compare,  in  public,  the  quality  and  performance  of  NHS  and   care  services,  providers  and  commissioners,  including  public   health;;   • to  support  transparency and  to  stimulate  improvements  in  quality,   safety,  and  efficiency • to  provide  public  accountability 18
  19. A  single  Directory? • NHS  Choices  /  My  NHS  /

     nhs.uk • Pathways  /  111  Online • CQC • E-­RS • CDOBS • ODS • NHS  Digital 19
  20. Our  aims  for  September  Health  Expo My  NHS  will  provide

     an  open  data  platform  enabling  the  delivery  of:-­ – 5  Star  Open  Data  achieving  the  Open  Government  Data  objectives – Dynamic  Search  allowing  users  to  create  their  own  datasets – Visualisations  of  the  data  available  as  standard  and  creation  of  narratives – Ability  to  view  time  series  data – Ability  to  link  NHS  Data  to  other  data  providers  through  Linked  Data 20
  21. Financial  Performance  vs.  Safe  Staffing 21

  22. Deprivation  vs  A&E  Performance 22

  23. Mortality  &  Staff  Recommendation 23

  24. Mortality  &  Staff  Recommendation 24

  25. Cancer  waiting  times  – good  performance 25

  26. Cancer  waiting  times  – poor  performance 26

  27. Cancer  waiting  times  vs.  National  Average 27

  28. Comparing  Lincolnshire 28

  29. Value  of  Open  Data  to  the  NHS 29

  30. Coming  soon  to  MyNHS 30

  31. Some  of  the  team  here  today 31

  32. www.digital.nhs.uk @nhsdigital enquiries@nhsdigital.nhs.uk 0300  303  5678