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Deploying IPv6 (IPC Munich 2018)

Deploying IPv6 (IPC Munich 2018)

Many developers are stuck in the world of old-school IPv4 because it is an easy, comfortable place to be! However, IPv4 is not long for this world. Major network allocations have already run dry, and broadband and 4G mobile networks are steadily expanding the availablility of native IPv6 connectivity. This talk covers the basics of understanding IPv6, what you need to do to get your services working on IPv6, and the changes you need to make in your PHP apps and related services to accomodate IPv6.

This talk was given on October 17th 2018 at the International PHP Conference 2018 in Munich, Germany.

Marcus Bointon

October 17, 2018

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  1. Marcus Bointon @SynchroM: IPv6 What is IP? Acronym for Internet

    Protocol Low-level networking protocol Underlies many other protocols - OSI model ★TCP, UDP, ICMP ★HTTP, SMTP, FTP, DNS etc Provides addresses that identify individual devices It’s the stuff the internet is made of
  2. Marcus Bointon @SynchroM: IPv6 The past - IPv4 Mature, stable

    - RFC791 1981! It’s been awesome! 32-bit addressing ★~4 billion addresses We have run out of IPv4 addresses ★Ugly workarounds
  3. Marcus Bointon @SynchroM: IPv6 The present & future - IPv6

    Mature, stable - RFC2460 ratified in 1998! Streamlined protocol headers - bigger but simpler Stateless autoconfiguration Built-in security (IPSec) Jumbograms to reduce overhead - 4Gb packets! Unicast / Multicast / Anycast More stuff that you don’t need to care about… 128-bit addressing
  4. Marcus Bointon @SynchroM: IPv6 So how big is that? With

    a 0.25mm pixel to display each available address, how big an area would you need to display them all? ★IPv4: about the size of a tennis court ★IPv6: 100,000 times the size of the solar system A ratio a million billion billion times bigger than a drop of water to all the world’s oceans So yes, it’s big!
  5. Marcus Bointon @SynchroM: IPv6 Why IPv6? IPv4 is just not

    enough for tomorrow’s internet IoT expected to reach 50 billion devices by 2020 Bigger, faster, simpler, more scalable, more secure IPv6-only networking is mandatory for iOS apps It’s much less scary than you think You won’t have to change again!
  6. Marcus Bointon @SynchroM: IPv6 IPv6 Address Allocation Just like IPv4,

    but bigger Your ISP will probably give you a /64 subnet So you have 4 billion internets to yourself! Great for virtual hosting, SSL, docker containers DNS becomes more critical
  7. Marcus Bointon @SynchroM: IPv6 IPv6 Notation We’ve got very used

    to IPv4’s decimal dotted-quad pattern: ★That’s just not practical for IPv6 Hexadecimal for greater density Colons to delimit 16-bit chunks for readability Square brackets to make it unambiguous [2001:0000:0000:EF22:0000:1234:5678:0001]
  8. Marcus Bointon @SynchroM: IPv6 IPv6 Notation Shortcuts It’s all about

    the zeros Replace one sequence of 0000 chunks with :: Collapse other 0000 chunks to 0 Strip leading zeros: 0023 -> 23 e.g. 2001:0000:0000:EF22:0000:1234:5678:0001 ★Simplifies to 2001::EF22:0:1234:5678:1
  9. Marcus Bointon @SynchroM: IPv6 Familiar Addresses IPv4 Localhost: IPv6

    localhost: [0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0001] ★Becomes simply: [::1] All addresses: [::], like Link-local addresses [FE80…] like CIDR-style networks: [2001::EF22:0:1234:5678:0/96] IPv4-mapped [::FFFF:]
  10. Marcus Bointon @SynchroM: IPv6 IPv6 in Linux Add an IPv6

    address dynamically using iproute2: ★ip -6 addr add 4a00:1098:0:80:1000:2a:f: 1/64 dev eth0 Add it to /etc/network/interfaces - no need for alias ★iface eth0 inet6 static
 address 4a00:1098:0:80:1000:2a:f:1
 netmask 64 Check it with ip a
  11. Marcus Bointon @SynchroM: IPv6 IPv6 in Linux - netplan network:

    version: 2 renderer: networks ethernets: eth0: addresses: [ "4a00:1098:80:1f::1/64" ] nameservers: search: [ example.net ] addresses: [ "4a00:1098:0:80:1000:3b:0:1", "4a00:1098:0:82:1000:3b:0:1" ]
  12. Marcus Bointon @SynchroM: IPv6 Deploying IPv6 - DNS Name servers

    on IPv6 (NS/Whois) AAAA records in your DNS Reverse DNS for mail servers ★Don’t forget SPF Check other sources - CDNs too
  13. Marcus Bointon @SynchroM: IPv6 NAT64 IPv4 address like Prefixed

    with IPv6 space, often 64:ff9b/96 Resulting in 64:ff9b::c000:201 Alternative notation: ★64:ff9b::
  14. Marcus Bointon @SynchroM: IPv6 DNS64 DNS64 Server IPv6 server Internet

    AAAA Lookup AAAA Lookup A Lookup Fail 64:ffb9::c000:201 NAT64 Translation
  15. Marcus Bointon @SynchroM: IPv6 IPv6 in PHP PHP and all

    host OSs have full IPv6 support PHP shows support in phpinfo() Provide IPv6 addresses in square brackets for network functions ★e.g. fsockopen(‘tcp://[fe80::1]', 80…); Change validations to allow IPv6:
  16. Marcus Bointon @SynchroM: IPv6 IPv6 in MySQL If you’re using

    strings for storing IPs, stop it now! UNSIGNED INT for IPv4, unsafe on 32-bit OS Use MySQL 5.6+ Use VARBINARY(16) for an elegant, unified solution for both IPv4 and IPv6 in the same field Convert to / from strings with INET6_ATON and INET6_NTOA Similar PHP functions inet_ntop and inet_pton, with one function wrapper needed
  17. Marcus Bointon @SynchroM: IPv6 IPv6 in MySQL + PHP http://php.net/inet-ntop

    Convert IPv4 or IPv6 from MySQL binary format to a string function inet6_ntop($ip) {
 $l = strlen($ip);
 if ($l == 4 or $l == 16) {
 return inet_ntop(pack('A'.$l, $ip));
 return '';
  18. Marcus Bointon @SynchroM: IPv6 IPv6 in PostgreSQL Has 2 built-in

    field types for IP addresses cidr: for IPv4 and IPv6 cidr networks (/32, /64) inet: for IPv4 and IPv6 hosts and networks
  19. Marcus Bointon @SynchroM: IPv6 Deploying IPv6 - Networking Servers need

    IPv6 addresses ★Your ISP must support it ★or you can tunnel until they do ★Hurricane Electric, SixXS, or your ISP Amazon EC2 doesn’t do IPv6, but can via ELB Clients need IPv6 addresses ★All LTE 4G mobiles support IPv6
  20. Marcus Bointon @SynchroM: IPv6 Testing IPv6 ip a, ping6, dig

    aaaa, wget -6 IPv6 addresses work in /etc/hosts https://www.mythic-beasts.com/ipv6/health-check Chrome/Firefox plugins for connection status - IPvFoo
  21. Marcus Bointon @SynchroM: IPv6 IPv6 Checklist Get addresses allocated Bring

    up interfaces Listen on IPv6 addresses Configure DNS & proxies Alter apps & databases Test!