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How to pack Novelty goods YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2015

How to pack Novelty goods YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2015

How To Fold a T-shirt in 2 seconds

Takeshi Yako

August 24, 2015

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  1. How to pack
    Novelty goods
    YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2015
    Takeshi Yako

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  2. The 10th and Final YAPC::Asia Tokyo — Medium
    “This year we received approximately 40,000 items to pack
    into 1,600 bags, and a little over then 1,000 shirts to fold.”
    “only 3 hours
    instead of 5~6hours
    from the previous year!”

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  3. We have too many Novelty goods
    T-shirts (S , M, L, LL and more),
    Pamphlet *N,
    Sticker *N,
    Flyer *N,
    Pen and more
    -> Sponsor pack, Standard pack or Speaker pack
    -> We have to pack Novelty goods quickly!

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  4. Team One
    -> Get Novelty goods from Delivery Service
    -> Unpack
    -> Serialize Novelty goods
    Team Two
    -> fold the T-shirts
    How To Fold a T-shirt in 2 seconds - YouTube
    Step One
    We have Two Time-consuming work
    Serialize Novelty goods & fold the T-shirts
    -> Make Two Team

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  5. Step Two
    -> Make Four Team
    Team One Team Two Team Three
    Goods Queue
    Goods Collector
    -> Goods Collector gets each Goods from Goods Queue
    -> Each Team makes Goods Queue

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