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Visual Inventory

Visual Inventory

The Dish Bistro


Tamara Russell

April 13, 2015


  1. Visual Inventory The  Dish  Bistro   As  Prepared  By:  Tamara

  2. Welcome! Compiled  in  this  document  is  design  elements  that  could

     be   useful  as  inspira=on  in  the  crea=on  of  your  new  website.   Please  express  any  thing  you  enjoy  as  well  as  dislike,  as  your   final  site  will  be  loosely  based  off  your  reac=on  to  these   concepts.  Let’s  get  started!    
  3. Concept A  well  defined  concept  influences  the  first  impressions  users

      get.  By  reflec=ng  this  concept  throughout  your  website,  we   can  ensure  your  brand  is  received  the  right  way  and  provides   unity  within  your  site.    
  4. Large  centered  text,  either  a  call  to  ac=on  or  

    iden=fica=on  of  brand  demand  the  users  aKen=on   and  pin  point  their  focus.  Do  you  have  a  message  to   get  across  quickly  and  effec=vely?     Concept  
  5. Concept

  6. Concept   Many  restaurants  use  a  

    chalkboard  style  to   emphasize  their  home   made  feel.  Is  this  text   based  style  right  for  your   restaurant?  
  7. Concept hKps://   Some  sites  keep  the  main  page  simple

     and  have  informa=on   organized  and  straighSorward  right  away.  Is  this  the  right  concept   for  The  Dish  Bistro?  
  8. Color Color  is  crucial  to  a  design.  It  reflects  the

     brand  on  a   psychological  level  and  highly  influences  the  first  impression.   Let’s  explore  a  few  color  schemes  that  could  fit  your  website.    
  9.     Many  websites  use  colors  that  pay  tribute

     to  their  roots   and  are  reflec=ve  of  the  =me  they  established.  Do   vintage  style  filters  and  colors  fit  your  brand?   Color
  10. Color

  11. Some  restaurants  use  only  one  accent  color  on  white  and

      let  the  pictures  be  the  main  color  focus.  Is  this  simple   picture  based  color  concept  right  for  The  Dish  Bistro?   Color hKp://   hKp://  
  12. Using  only  primary  colors  can  reinforce  the  nursery  rhyme  theme.

      Different  =nts  and  tones  keep  this  paleKe  interes=ng.  Is  this  color   scheme  reflec=ve  of  your  restaurant?     Color hKps://  
  13. Tone The  tone  of  your  website  is  how  you  connect

     with  your  users.   How  you  want  your  users  to  feel  upon  leaving  your  site.  Here   are  some  tones  that  could  fit  your  brand.    
  14. Some  sites  merge  photorealism  and  graphics  to  create  a  playful

     feel  and   keep  the  user  interested.  Is  this  mix  of  media  a  good  fit  for  The  Dish   Bistro?   Tone dean-­‐and-­‐    
  15. Tone hKp://  

  16. Tone This  site  uses  fairytale  graphics  to  convey  a  storybook

     feeling.  Does  this   seem  right  for  your  website?    
  17. Let’s Recap! Concept Color Tone Large  centered  text  on  an

     image,  Chalkboard  style  type,  Simple  and   straight  forward  informa=on     Vintage  Style   One  accent  color   Primary  colors   Photorealism  mixed  with  playful  graphics   Fairytale  book  style  
  18. Thanks! I  hope  this  has  given  your  some  insight  into

     the  vision  I  have   for  your  site.  If  you  could  provide  feedback  at  your  earliest   convenience  we  can  begin  to  brainstorm  and  design  your  site!