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Starter Island - Competition Brief

Db9adb5582199abccf93d3d8c84fd4b9?s=47 Travis Miller
July 29, 2015

Starter Island - Competition Brief


Travis Miller

July 29, 2015


  1. 1 Ship, 5 Teams and 5 Days to Build Their

    Ideas in The Bahamas Competition Brief
  2. None
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  5. 5-Day Excursion to Exuma on Beacon Won 4/5 Teams of

    Entrepreneurs ------- 20 Competitors 4 Coaches 2 Directors (Organizers) 2 Photographers / Videographers + 4 GoPros 1 Blogger 1 Radio Personality Competition Breakdown
  6. Teams will plan and strategize on the boat during the

    course of the trip. Working together and collaborating to build their products and ideas. Activities
  7. Activities During the trip we will have frequent stops throughout

    the islands so they can practice their pitches, explore the islands and restore their creative energy along the trip.
  8. After the trip is completed we will make our way

    back to Nassau, dock at Green Parrot and teams will present their ideas in the finals to an audience and judges and the best team will be crowned winner. Activities
  9. Competitors Individuals with design, development or business skills who are

    passionate about starting a business and learning from the others. They will work in teams for five days and build their product and business to present to judges and audience. Coaches Coaches are individuals who have started companies still in the early and maturing stages of their ventures. They have knowledge or expertise in a technical field or entrepreneurial venture and will provide mentorship to the teams during the competition. Judges Judges will be individuals who are experienced with starting and maintaining their own businesses or ventures and have extensive knowledge on what it takes to build a business. They will judge on Finals Day (Aug 27th) at Green Parrot. Competition Profiles
  10. Starter Island will be challenging. Along with coming up with

    a new idea, you will also experience limitations on the sea. Even though wifi will be accessible on a few of the islands we will travel to, wifi will be sparse on the boat. Therefore, as a part of the competition each team and individual member will have a data allowance; a limited amount of data to work and complete their ideas while on the boat. Along with building their startup, the teams and individuals will be presented with challenges they must complete and win if they want more data to use for the competition. Competition Mechanics
  11. Competition Components Pioneer Explorer Nomad

  12. Component: Pioneer Pioneer Each Team Gets 5GB of Data for

    use during the trip Pioneers are first or among the earliest in any field of inquiry, enterprise, or progress. Along with experiencing a new journey, your team’s main goal is to be the Pioneer (or winner) of Starter Island. You will be creating something the world has never seen or experienced before in the form of an innovative and game changing idea. For the Pioneer component of the competition, each team will be responsible for building their business. They will be given a guideline of milestones they have to complete and submit as a baseline for a successful business structure. (Also, Points won from milestones will go toward post-competition prizes.) At the end of the trip, judges will vote on which team has the best idea and ultimately who will win Starter Island.
  13. Component: Explorer Explorer The winner of each challenge gets an

    additional 1GB of Data for use during the trip An explorer is a person who investigates the unknown. In the Explorer phase of the competition, you and your team will work together to complete challenges. The Explorer will comprise of 4 challenges throughout the trip. The winner of each challenge will get more data to work with during the trip. Along with completing these challenges, you will also be responsible for capturing your epic journey. Each team will be equipped with a GoPro from the crew. Each team will submit their most epic photo of the day, and these photos will be voted for on the web. The team with the most likes, shares & retweets at the end of each day will be awarded points; these additional points go toward obtaining more data to use during the competition.
  14. Component: Nomad Nomad Each Individual Gets 1GB of Personal Data

    for the Week Winner of Nomad challenges gets 100Mb of Personal Data Nomads are wise wanderers moving from one place to another. In their travels they acquire knowledge about the places they’ve been and the things they’ve seen. For this part of the competition, all competitors are nomads. During the competition you will be exposed to the traditions and culture of historic and modern Bahamas. Competitors will have to pay close attention because these questions will be asked in a trivia style format towards the end of the day to all competitors. Individuals who answer questions correctly will be awarded more data for personal use or for their team for the competition.
  15. Day Milestones Total Points for Completion Day 1 • Startup

    Name • Mission • Vision • Blog Post 250 Points Day 2 • Digital Presence (Website/Social Media) • Questionnaire(s) for Research • 15s Pitch (InstaPitch) • Blog Post 250 Points Day 3 • Business Model • Revenue Streams • Financials • Blog Post 250 Points Day 4 • Presentation • Extended Pitch • Minimum Viable Product (MVP) • Blog Post 250 Points Day 5 • Final Pitch, Presentation and Prototypes 250 Points Pioneer Milestones
  16. Explorer Challenges *These are challenge for Starter Island 2015 and

    may change from year to year. Challenge Data / Points Awarded Bonfire 1GB - 100 Points Diving for Conch 1GB - 100 Points Capture The Flags 1GB - 100 Points It Takes A Village 1GB - 100 Points
  17. Sites For Competition Allen’s Cay Exuma Bahamas National Trust Land

    & Sea Park Staniel Cay Thunderball Cave & Grotto Corona Island & Norman’s Cay Warderick Wells Compass Cay
  18. Competition Day Structure • Pioneer Challenge (Startup Development - majority

    of the day) • Group Activities / Explorer Challenges • Dinner | Review & Check-in | Nomad Challenges • Milestone Submission • Lights Out (Optional)
  19. How You Can Help

  20. Partnership Packages Package Includes Gold ($5,000 +) - Mention in

    Press Releases (Multiple) - Member On Judging Panel for Pitch Finals - Logo on Banner that will be on Beacon Won - Mention in live remote from Exuma - Logo and mention on all social media platforms, website (Large) - Listed as sponsors in newspaper articles Silver ($2,500) - Mention in Press Release - Listed as sponsor in newspapers - Logo on Banner that will be on Beacon Won - Logo and mention on all social media platforms, website (Medium) - Logo on Supercut Promotional Video Played at Pitch Finals Bronze ($1,000) - Mention In Press Release - Logo and mention on all social media platforms, website (small) - Mention at Pitch Finals In-Kind* - Mention In Press Release - Logo and mention on all social media platforms, website (small) *What it includes vary to the value of what is given.
  21. Fundraising - $17,000 (Projected) / $30,000 (Goal) Sponsorship - $12,000

    (pledges, to date) Application Fees (20) - $5,000 ( confirmed, to date) Web 10,886 Pageviews in total since Go-Live of application - (6/12/2015) 46 Applications (25 Bahamian / 21 International) since Go-Live of application Video Last updated 7/27/2015 Traction and Market Validation Social 32,500+ Views since Go-Live of application ( 75% from Paid | 25% from Organic ) on Facebook Starter Island Page - 229 Likes -- 530% Increase of followers first week since Go-Live of application on Facebook Starter Island Page -21 Followers - 280% Increase of followers since Go-Live of application on Twitter Print/PR • Bahamas Weekly Web + Print • Full Page Ad Spread • ZNS Business News Spot • Guardian Radio Spot
  22. Set Sail www.starterisland.com