Evolving Genetic Algorithms In The Browser

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October 19, 2012

Evolving Genetic Algorithms In The Browser



October 19, 2012


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  4. Evolving Genetic Algorithms in the browser

  5. • Genetic Algorithms • Genetic Programming • Neural Nets •

    Artificial Life Evolutionary Computing
  6. Genetic Algorithms

  7. "The intuition behind these methods is highly appealing, but skeptics

    decry them as voodoo optimization techniques that rely more on nice analogies to nature than demonstrated computational results on problems that have been studied using other methods. The question isn’t whether you can get decent answers for many problems given enough effort using these techniques. Clearly you can. The real question is whether they lead to better solutions with less implementation complexity than the other methods we have discussed. - Skiena (The Algorithm Design Manual) Don't get too excited
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  9. 'the island model?' Distribution

  10. Robbie the robot he's myopic, can see 5 sqs 3^5

    = 243 possibilities genome is 243 chr string 50% chance of trash 200 moves Points: hit wall: -5 get can: +10 no can: -1 Max fitness ~500
  11. Cellular Automata

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  13. Majority voting

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  17. http://justgiving.com/tommys-final-push

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