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Anovelmous Formal Proposal

8a21c795333e58ca713df7c9a1bfd745?s=47 Greg Ziegan
September 15, 2015

Anovelmous Formal Proposal


Greg Ziegan

September 15, 2015


  1. Greg Ziegan, Lucas Flowers, and Queenie Lam

  2. ABSTRACT Social entertainment app Collaborators write one word at a

  3. CONSTRAINTS Constraints create interesting and creative situations. Constraints are a

    way to game-ify some aspect of communication.
  4. Messages... with 140 character limits (Twitter) Photos... purposefully, permanently deleted

    (Snapchat) Videos... limited to 7 seconds (Vine) Novels.. one word at a time (Anovelmous)
  5. Anovelmous is not a productivity tool; it is a social

    entertainment app.
  6. GOAL Create a social app that encourages and explores the

    creativity of its users as a single hivemind.
  7. PERSONAL GOALS: Gain experience working together on technical projects Create

    example work to show to potential employers Apply existing knowledge to a larger project Gain some additional knowledge along the way
  8. SIMILAR SYSTEMS Constraint-based apps like those just described Sentence-by-sentence forum

    games Parts of language-learning apps (in the context of grammars)
  9. ADVANTAGES (COMPARED TO FORUM GAMES) "Real time" gameplay Easier to

    create achievements Purpose-built UI Enforcement of grammar
  10. DISADVANTAGES Multiple simultaneous players required (to be interesting) Less flexibility

    than forum games Grammar checking is not perfect
  11. PROJECT CONSTRAINTS Entry is limited to one word per round

    Grammar checking is therefore on partial sentences No backtracking on words Computation needs to be fast; rounds will be ten-to- fifteen seconds each
  12. MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS User can... Read & navigate through novel content

    Vote for the next token from a grammar filtered vocabulary Get notified when vote is counted Receive novel update for each token added
  13. RECOMMENDED REQUIREMENTS User can... View their vote history and related

    statistics See friendly graphics upon voting See the number of players currently reading the novel Vote on characters, locations, synopsis before rounds begin ("prewriting") Vote on chapter titles The grammar filtering algorithm will be improved to support proper nouns and therefore utilize POS recognition.
  14. HOPEFUL REQUIREMENTS User can... Create profile and writing guilds Can

    invite friends with a share button Earn achievements The app will be on all three of these platforms: iOS, Android, web
  15. USER EXPERIENCE Seamless across all platforms Reading will take reader's

    full attention; no distractions Interface during voting is easy and fast to use, since voting rounds are short
  16. VERSIONING Before 1.0.0 - Sentimental versioning After 1.0.0 - Semantic

    versioning (Major.minor.patch)
  17. PLAN: MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS (in weeks) 1. Queenie and Lucas get

    familiar with codebase, technologies 2. Queenie and Lucas learn to test the system 3. Pair program the on both web and Android towards one new feature 4. Separate coding toward distinct features 5. Complete minimum requirements 6. Review, clean, test above features
  18. PLAN: RECOMMENDED REQUIREMENTS (begins at week 7) 1. Develop prewriting

    2. Complete prewriting 3. Develop the statistics portion of the app 4. Complete statistics
  19. PLAN: HOPEFUL REQUIREMENTS (begins at week 11) 1. Develop Hopeful

    Requirements or handle previous issues, depending on progress 2. Complete and test remaining hopeful requirements 3. Document and release application
  20. MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGIES Trello - KanBan style story tracking Github Issues

    - New feature requests Github Pull Requests - New feature additions Slack - Team communication Code Climate - Automated Code Reviews Travis CI - Automated Test Environment and Coverage Analysis