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The Kroger Co. is a multinational tier retailer store chain mainly located in USA.

They mainly run super market stores throughout the America.

When you visit the Kroger store and buy something, you will get the payment receipt. Once you get the receipt, you have a chance to participate in a customer satisfaction survey by The Kroger Co.

If you have participated in the survey by giving your candid feedback, in return, you would have get free 50 fuel points as a reward.

You can redeem those 50 fuel points in any gas station powered by The Kroger Co.

Official KrogerFeedback Site Is TheKrogerFeedback.Com

To participate in customer satisfaction survey about Kroger experience, visit KrogerFeedback website.

Direct Kroger experience URL - https://www.thekrogerfeedback.com/survey-page/

Official Twitter Account - https://twitter.com/KrogersFeedback

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