Agile Database Development 2ed

Agile Database Development 2ed

Hi, I'm David. I like to write database apps. Just as much as I like to write web apps. (Maybe more!) How? Not by relying on bolted-on, half-baked database integration tools like migrations, I'll tell you that!. Instead, I make extensive use of best-of-breed tools for source control ([Git](, database unit testing ([pgTAP](, and database change management and deployment ([Sqitch]( If you'd like to get as much pleasure out of database development as you do application development, join me for this tutorial. We'll develop a sample application using the processes and tools I've come to depend on, and you'll find out whether they might work for you. Either way, I promise it will at least be an amusing use of your time.

[Originally presented at PGCon 2013](, revised January 2014.


David E. Wheeler

January 09, 2014