Timothy Sanchez


How many times have you heard the wisdom of finding something you want to do for the love of it and money will just come? There are people who reached the crossroads of their life when they decide to drop everything - a lucrative profession, fame, financial security - to pursue something that is a world apart from what they used to do. It is truly baffling, but truly doing something that you are totally passionate about is fulfilling; to get paid to do it is a bonus.

For instance, there are people who, armed with these awesome tricks, make a living out of skateboarding. Yes, the skateboard, that flat maplewood board with wheels, can earn you big bucks especially if you know how to do various tricks.

Perhaps you could even try using a segwayminipro for the same purpose. However, you need to make sure you have several tricks up your sleeve to make your routines more interesting for others.

The Life Mission

Idealism drives an individual to seek for something that is fulfilling; that is what everyone calls as a life mission. Many fall prey to worldly temptations or get embroiled in the thick of daily problems and stresses, and veer away from what they have always dream of pursuing.

Doing the Dream Job

Life is a continuous search of finding things that can make people happy. It is a life goal which is why Desiderata ends with, "Strive to be happy".

Doing a job that does not seem like a job is a dream job. It makes people doubly happy because they get paid to do a job that to them is not really work. Have you seen ballet dancers' faces lit up when they perform on stage? What about racers who put their life at risk as they step on the gas of their cars to make the engines roar as these put them ahead of the race? Do you know people who engage or travel great distances to do work and get paid for what they love to do?

What is a dream job? Must it entail becoming famous or rich? It is undeniable that most people think along that line, but those who know better will disagree. A dream job entails doing a work that one is passionate about - carving, painting, acting, dancing, teaching, being of service to others people, etc. It can be any job so long as it gives you pleasure and fulfillment. Moreover, you need to constantly enrich yourself with knowledge and innovation. For example, if an extreme sport is your forte, you need to continuously read or watch trick tips to have something new to offer people each time.

Finding the Dream Job

Regrettably, not every person gets to know or find that one job that can make one fulfilled. Most of the time, people just choose to grow where they are planted. Life is not just about destinations; it can also be about the travel to get where you eventually plan or hope to end up. Take pleasure in life in general. Self-discovery may sometime take time, but getting there and being able to end the life-long quest can't be sweeter. Who knows, your interest in skateboarding may pave the way for you to put up a skateboard non-profit help organization in the future.

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