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Bring Kotlin to Google Cloud - hobby projects to explore the possibility

A88d9a18fa8d8d5b2b29c5cc3a387931?s=47 Toan Tran
December 01, 2019

Bring Kotlin to Google Cloud - hobby projects to explore the possibility

Kotlin - the much love language in Android development work can work out of the scope of your Android phone. With the favor of support from Google, now we can have this language run on Google Cloud. This talk from Toan will be about hobby projects he built on 1 single language - Kotlin to connect components together to see what is possible to build using such a combination of Kotlin and Google Cloud.


Toan Tran

December 01, 2019

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  1. About speaker Hello! I’m Toan Android Lead @Inspectorio (check out

    our opening positions!) https://toan.mobi toantran-ea toan_mobi
  2. None
  3. Agenda 1. Why would we care about Kotlin? 2. Context

    of the talk 3. Explore the support of Google Cloud for Kotlin 4. Idea 5. Implementation (live coding) 6. What I learn from the journey
  4. Why would we care about Kotlin? 1. Language fluency 2.

    Java + Kotlin inter-ops capability 3. Great extensibility of the language 4. Growing community with serious investment from Jetbrains and Google
  5. Context of the talk - I’m looking for 1. Provide

    the backend capability for the Android app with little/no language change. 2. Scalable and easy to deploy 3. Code sharing between Android app and backend app
  6. Context of the talk - I’m looking for

  7. How it’s possible KOTLIN JVM Google Cloud Support

  8. Google Cloud support Kotlin?

  9. Hobby app - Calories Intake tracker 1. Create a new

    log entry for food intake 2. Read all the entries I have 3. Update a certain log entry 4. Delete log entry
  10. Pick the stacks 1. Google App engine as the option

    to use on Google Cloud 2. Ktor as the framework for my API app 3. Google Cloud Datastore as the Storage Backend (NoSQL - key-value idea) ×
  11. Basic setup 1. Create a local project based on Ktor

    to start 2. Create project on Google Cloud Platform console 3. Enable billing for your project 4. Install Google Cloud SDK 5. Install Java 8 or or higher on your local development machine
  12. Get some code!

  13. Test it out!

  14. Switch to live code

  15. What I learn from the journey 1. I should have

    the project setup with App Engine template to debug the app properly. 2. I had some hiccups with Ktor framework in encoding 3. Short learning curve 4. Quick to prototype and show it live 5. Quick deploy (you see!) 6. Comfortable work with Kotlin
  16. Step by step guide Blog series - Bring Kotlin to

    cloud — a hobby project to explore the possibility - Medium https://medium.com/@toantran/bring-kotlin-to-cloud-a-hobby-project-to-explore-the-possibility-part-2-7e96abc6d75f
  17. Thank you