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Jam Jar Retrospective

4cbc54804e1e766dc8c929578e0f70af?s=47 Tom Kealey
May 11, 2014

Jam Jar Retrospective

How to use a Jam Jar to aid memory recollection and improve your retrospectives.


Tom Kealey

May 11, 2014


  1. Jam Jar Retro @tomkealey Ever taken a moment to retrospect

    on life or work and found yourself staring blankly at your stack of post-it notes; highlights and lowlights seemingly wiped from memory. ! The mind is wonderful like that. Choosing to advise you when you least need the advice, like that well meant reminder to buy candles as the power fails and the lights go out, or childishly choosing to ignore you when you most want its attention. ! Don't despair. A little Jam Jar is all you need to help your mischievous mind and like most good things it's really simple. ! When you encountered a high or a low, scribble it on a post-it, date it and pop it into the little Jam Jar. Repeat. That's it. ! Then when it's time to retrospect simply unscrew the lid, shake out your memories and organise at will. ! I've found the little Jam Jar useful personally and with my teams; spending less time recollecting and more time exploring. ! “Anyone for Jam?”
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