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Designing Calm - Landscape

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January 22, 2013

Designing Calm - Landscape

POV & the landscape concerning email and stress. Addresses several existing tools aimed at solving this stress.



January 22, 2013


  1. Silicon Valley entrepreneur Sally needs to be mindful of her

    current time & energy when she deals with email because reading an email she can’t immediately deal with causes present and future stress. Hsiaolin Hsieh Maria Molfino Tony Jin Monday, January 21, 13
  2. Sally opens her inbox Sally skims her unread/priority inbox emails

    Sally notices a key email Sally reads the subject & sender of the key email Sally opens the key email Sally deals with the email (i.e. prioritizes, marks as unread, stars, or responds) Sally needs more time than she has to craft a thoughtful response Sally feels stressed! :( * potential point of intervention! * potential point of intervention! SALLY’S BEHAVIOR SEQUENCE Monday, January 21, 13
  3. Sanebox - http://www.sanebox.com Gmail Message Sneak Peek - https://sites.google.com/a/ nhusd.k12.ca.us/appshelp/home/

    mail-tips/messagesneakpeek Any.DO - http://www.any.do Monday, January 21, 13
  4. •There are a LOT of existing standalone apps, plugins, and

    web apps for email and task management •Email is moving towards integration, e.g. including social profiles, map links, calendar links, Rapportive •Email is moving towards a more conversational approach, e.g. the new Gmail compose experience Monday, January 21, 13
  5. Is it better to educate users about the many exiting

    solutions for email productivity than to design yet another one? Should we directly tackle the antecedents to stress (e.g. conserving mental energy, increasing productivity) or the stress itself? Monday, January 21, 13