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Belfast School of Art, March 2015

Tony White
April 01, 2015

Belfast School of Art, March 2015

I was invited to give a talk to Fine Art students at Belfast School of Art, University of Ulster. My presentation focused on the following works:

My novel Foxy-T (Faber and Faber, 2003)
The novella Dicky Star and the Garden Rule (Forma, 2012)
Missorts, my permanent GPS-triggered soundwork for the city of Bristol and its companion volume, the novella Missorts Volume II (Situations, 2013)
My current ‘loose collaboration‘ with the artist Stuart Brisley, including my residency at King's College London and the two short fictions ‘High-Lands‘ and ‘The Holborn Cenotaph’
My latest novel Shackleton’s Man Goes South (Science Museum, 2013) and the accompanying exhibition at the Science Museum which runs until 26 April 2013.

The talk finished with a short reading from the novella Dicky Star and the Garden Rule.

Here is a video of the same reading that was shot at the Dicky Star… launch at the Free Word Centre, London on 26 April 2012, uploaded by publisher, Forma: https://vimeo.com/45698551

Tony White

April 01, 2015


  1. @tony_white_ Belfast School of Art, University of Ulster 26 March

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  3. @tony_white_ Photo: Daniel Wootton

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  5. @tony_white_

  6. Jane and Louise Wilson Atomgrad (Nature Abhors a Vacuum) 2010

    Courtesy of Jane & Louise Wilson and 303 Gallery, New York and Galería Helga de Alvear, Madrid.
  7. None
  8. The Guardian, 30 April 1986

  9. © Jane and Louise Wilson, 2011

  10. None
  11. © 2012 Max McClure courtesy Situations @tony_white_

  12. @tony_white_ © 2008, Bruce Gilchrist, London Fieldworks

  13. www.missorts.com @tony_white_

  14. @tony_white_ www.missorts.com

  15. Sara Bowler, Holly Corfield-Carr, Thomas Darby, Jack Ewing, Katrina Plumb,

    Jess Rotas, Hannah Still, Helen Thornhill, Isabel de Vasconcellos and Sacha Waldron © 2012 Max McClure, courtesy Situations www.missorts.com @tony_white_
  16. © 2012 Max McClure, courtesy Situations www.missorts.com @tony_white_

  17. www.missorts.com @tony_white_ http://missorts.com/

  18. www.missorts.com @tony_white_

  19. @tony_white_

  20. @tony_white_ Mapping impacts: Sketched research plan from introductory talk given

    as part of French Department Seminar Series, October 2013. Currently a visiting research fellow at King’s College London. The residency has supported ‘a loose collaboration’ (in his words) with the artist Stuart Brisley.
  21. ‘High-Lands’ A half-hour work for radio, commissioned by London Fieldworks

    for the Remote Performances project. ‘High-Lands’ was broadcast live on Resonance 104.4fm from the Outlandia field station, Glen Nevis, Scotland, with live soundscape accompaniment by Johny Brown of Band of Holy Joy as part of the Remote Performances project, August 2014. LISTEN AGAIN: http://bit.ly/High-Lands @tony_white_
  22. Tonight: Stuart Brisley, The Cenotaph Project, 1987-91, Installation (with Maya

    Balcioglu). Image: Maya Balcioglu. The Cenotaph & the public sphere Stuart Brisley, Maya Balcioglu, Colin Darke, Sanja Perovic, Tony White The MAC Live, Belfast, 26 March 2015 @tony_white_
  23. @tony_white_ © Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge.

  24. @tony_white_

  25. @tony_white_

  26. @tony_white_ http://bit.ly/ShMGSth Image © 2013, Science Museum

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