Digital opportunities for writers? 3 projects, 3 lessons

Adc0a450bdb8652577d49d61dffe450e?s=47 Tony White
March 17, 2015

Digital opportunities for writers? 3 projects, 3 lessons

I was invited to give a brief talk as part of New Writing North’s series of seminars for students at Northumbria University, addressing the question: How are digital developments disrupting traditional publishing and what new opportunities exist for writers in this sphere?

I presented three brief case studies of the following of my digital literature projects:

Ivy4evr — an interactive SMS drama for mobile phones with Blast Theory for Channel 4

Missorts — a permanent GPS-triggered soundwork for the city of Bristol produced by Situations for Bristol City Council.

Shackleton’s Man Goes South — my latest novel, published by the Science Museum, using an innovative online and on-gallery digital publishing model.

I drew out and elaborated the following lessons or opportunities: Lesson 1: Don’t make assumptions about your audience — research them. Lesson 2: Think beyond the digital object itself. Lesson 3: Don’t wait, collaborate!

Tony White, 17 March 2015


Tony White

March 17, 2015