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It year Old Comic-Con had Begun, Because it had immediately unveiled the last preview of ItChapter2, on our displays on September 18th. And, obviously, we're not at the end of the terror.
Huge Success when it premiered in 2017, It, from Andrés Muschietti, was however just half a narrative .
A Pun horribly awaited by all lovers of this genre, if only because the movie remains rated R (not for children) along with the adult throw can let go much more in horror. And, in It respect, the trailer unveiled a few days ago suggests that the contract is going to be filled.
We Therefore anticipate a much more nightmarish suite, more violent, even darker than the original movie , in a nutshell, a feature movie that doesn't take his viewer to get a fool rather than reluctant to pull him out of his zone. Of relaxation. It is exactly what Jessica Chastain proposed if she appeared on the panel dedicated to the film It weekend at Comic-Con, when she spoke about ItChapter 2 for a Carrie in the chunk of the devil on steroids. Carrément:
Carrie, Better not be overly mad
" I said that if we desired to do things, we had To go all the way, I love horror films, I love Carrie so I said you needed to perform Carrie on steroids. We did itit was a real torture for me personally because I didn't believe it was going to be like that during the Entire film"
A Statement that will excite more than you, as much as it makes a little wink to a different excellent vintage of Stephen King. That said, one believes over she cites Brian De Palma's film due to his final bloodbath more than for its telekinetic powers of his personality. However, you don't know.
In Become the greatest version of the Master to the cinema. In any case, That is what we expect for.
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