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Peterson Celik


Is it true that shoes with black soles are made of carbon rubber? Does it apply with the all black Nike revolution 5 shoes? Plus do the all black Nike shoes have non marking soles? :
http://cheapsportselected.com/894-Nike-Nasa-Pack-Nike-OFF-White-X-Nike-Crossover-Nike-Craft-Mars-Yard-TS-NASA-20-Astronaut-Quan-Zhilong-kisses-on-the-shoes-Joggi.html. A B r/repsneakers has guides on shoes buying fake shoes and fake shoe reviews, r/fashionreps is the same but for designer clothing too, r/dhgate if you don't feel like using a third party to buy fake stuff from but shipping takes a wh le
cheapsportselected. Surely StockX are accountable in some way? If they have authentication checkers and they validate/verify sellers then they they ARE accountable. They should have some insurance or accountability, if credit cards are attached they may be able to pull the funds or take legal action of the seller. The seller selling fakes is obviously the crook but StockX is definitely responsible as they are the middle man and it's their platform.


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