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US economy has experienced a huge growth in the number of unsecured loans in recent years. The number of real personal loans online grew at 20.4% between 2017 and 2018. A study in December 2017 showed that the number of consumers with loans were approximately 6.54 Crore, an increase of almost 1.27 Crore from December 2016.

Such growth is mostly because of the attractive features and benefits offered by various financial institutions. Easy to meet eligibility criteria, affordable small cash loans interest rates, flexible tenor, etc. help a borrower to choose the best financial product according to his/her requirement. Lenders only ask for a good credit score, no history of defaulting, and proof of employment and income from the borrowers’ part.

A self-employed individual without any income proof can apply for a loan. Preferably, a secured loan.

In this case, he will have to pledge some collateral to avail the credit against it. Generally, such collaterals can be a house or any such physical asset, a fixed deposit, etc. He can use the loan to fund any business or personal requirements. These loans do not have any end user restriction, which makes them ideal to tackle most financial emergencies.

Eligibility for personal loans for self-employed

A self-employed individual can apply for advances without any income proof. There are some basic personal loan eligibility criteria that he or she has to fulfill. Let’s take a look.

• The individual should be between 22 and 55 years of age and a residing Indian citizen.
• He should have a property to pledge as security against the advance.
• The borrower should also have the proper documents of the asset which he has to submit to the lender while applying for a short term loan.

The eligibility criteria might vary between lenders; however, these are some of the common guidelines one has to meet while one applies for an advance.

The processing fees and interest rates on personal loan are also nominal compared to other types of unsecured finances. Companies like UnitedFinances.com have an attractive rate of interest, with a minimum processing fee.

Such easy to meet eligibility criteria, nominal processing fee and low interest rates on personal loan make it an ideal financial product for those who need an advance to meet monetary needs.

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