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Consuming Rest Api with retrofit in Android

Consuming Rest Api with retrofit in Android

consuming dog api with retrofit


May 08, 2021

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  1. @ValentineRutto, Android Engineer Consuming Rest APIs in Android

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  3. API(application programming interface). It is a set of rules that

    allow programs to talk to each other. REST(“Representational State Transfer”) -Determines how the API looks like -It is a set of rules that developers follow when they create their API What is Rest API?
  4. None
  5. A client library developed by square that is used to

    create HTTP Requests and process HTTP responses from a REST API Retrofit library
  6. • Retrofit Interface An interface that defines HTTP operations @GET("api/breeds/image/random")

    suspend fun getRandomDogImage(): DogImageResponse • Retrofit class Creates an instance of retrofit and implements the retrofit interface methods val apiClient: ApiService= Retrofit.Builder() .baseUrl("https://dog.ceo") .client(OkHttpClient()) .addConverterFactory(GsonConverterFactory.create()) .build() .create(ApiService::class.java) • Retrofit Converters Defines format that data will be represented in. GSON is JSON mapping. Retrofit Classes
  7. Resources DOGAPI Documentation Consuming dog api

  8. Demo Github Code https://github.com/valentineRutto/RandomdogImages

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