These are all just rule of thumb. They are suggestions to help you. Generally, what works for you is always correct. Do it the way you can best if any of these tips have helped you, or from now on your repertoire which will help you, the better. If not, forget it quickly.
Mind Maps (at the same time example essay)
What is a mind map? I would like to give a little talk about this in this law essay writing servise. I point out that I'm only talking about how to use mind maps. I make no claim that this method is complete or correct (just what works for me).
All I need to create a Mindmap is a piece of paper and a pen. Then I write the word that I want to think about in the middle and make a ring around it. Then I start to let my thoughts flow.I just write down all the words that come to mind that somehow relate to the generic term, and connect them with lines. I use the new words again as a starting point. If I notice during writing that some words are in connection with each other, I mark this with colored lines.

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