and to be open-minded and please do yourself a favor which is a separate topic on its own for another time but try to surround yourself with people who impose and promote positivity and good box you will notice the tremendous effect that it has on your lifestyle starting your own business for being self-employed although preferable doesn't exactly require any kind of diploma or degree and I think that with a proper business plan and with the drive that people like you who are watching this video fuel me with

I feel like I can accomplish anything if you're still listening I love you mad respect that's true loyalty right there if a less this has been Marco I hope you all have a great rest day and goodbye a lot of fail I fail for funny things that I food a key primary school tests for two times and I filled like a three times for the middle school you know for three years I tried fill in the universities so I applied jobs for thirty times

got rejected I went for a police they say no you're not good I went to you know even the KFC when KFC came to China come to I say you see 24 people went for the job 23 people accepted I was the only one guy and we went for please five people all of them accepted I was the only guy did I receive receive it so to me pain turned down rejected out by the way I told you that I would apply for Harvard for ten times rejected

I know one things you got to understand my friend is that you're supposed to fail you're supposed to fail because failure is the stepping stone to success you need the logical reason why because failure is an experience that lends to wisdom that ultimately makes you a stronger version of yourself maybe you got a test anxiety I don't know but the worst thing you can do is quit talk to your professor I'm not a hundred percent sure

but I know that you cannot quit just because you fail doesn't make you a failure another one of these cliches or cliches stories is about Thomas Edison right whenever reporter asked him you know what is it that how did you feel about failing a thousand times and he said no I didn't fail a thousand times I just found a fit thousand different ways that it wasn't gonna work and that's what so that's what's happening with you but every time he found a way that didn't work he was adding to his journey he was growing stronger


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