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django-parler - DjangoCon EU 2014 lightning talk

django-parler - DjangoCon EU 2014 lightning talk

Extended version of my previous django-parler presentation. Explain why django-modeltranslation or django-hvad were nog used, and what complex inheritance I'd faced. Now features such as:

* Python 3 support
* Prefetching translations
* Caching
* High-level features such as `{% get_translated_url %}`.
* Admin inlines

Easily translate cheese omelet into omelette du fromage.

Diederik van der Boor

May 15, 2014

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  1. django-parler Easily translate cheese omelet into omelette du fromage. Diederik

    van der Boor Django Meetup 14-05-2014
  2. Simple Django model translations without nasty hacks with nice admin

  3. Got hopeful Making a CMS multilingual: Well, let's use something

  4. django-modeltranslation :-(

  5. django-hvad :-( Very nice admin, awesome API – however: Overrides

    just about all ORM methods! Lots of metaclass magic Mixing translated with untranslated objects = hard Can't be combined with other apps (mptt, polymorphic, shop) Doesn't call super() often
  6. django-polymorphic-tree Yes, we do crazy things...

  7. django-fluent CMS ...when they make sense

  8. 1 row for each language

  9. Let's just do this..!

  10. And tried more hacking!

  11. Package that! So we: – Hacked something directly in the

    CMS app – K.I.S.S – Manually created translated fields table – Manually assigned descriptors – Hey that works!!
  12. Model API

  13. Usage

  14. Features Python 3 qs.translated(''en'', name=''foo'') qs.prefetch_related(''translations'') {% get_translated_url ''fr'' page

    as url %} caching individual objects admin tabs + inlines
  15. None
  16. None
  17. None
  18. Thanks to caching...

  19. None
  20. None
  21. @vdboor @edoburu pip install 'django-parler>=1.0b2' https://github.com/edoburu/django-parler http://django-fluent.org