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Django Fluent CMS - DjangoCon EU 2013

Django Fluent CMS - DjangoCon EU 2013

Lightning talk at DjangoConEU 2013

The main thing showing here, is how to build a system composed of many apps - not putting everything together in a single app. This way, django-fluent is a "pick which parts you like"-kind of CMS. You can just use the parts you like, and leave the rest out.

Diederik van der Boor

May 17, 2013

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  1. State of Django App Simple admin? Frontend editing? Plugins? Caching

    Modules Scale Django CMS A bit X X A bit 1 app M-L FeinCMS A bit X A bit 1 app S-L Fiber n/a X - - - S-M Ella - X X 1 core app, fixed workflow? M-L Merengue - X X All in one? ? Philo - 1 app ?
  2. Excersice: how many apps? Given these blog features... – Post

    entries – Post contents – Comments – Categories – Tags – RSS syndication – Publishing API
  3. Design goals – Designer friendly – Make any visual design

    editable in a CMS – Developer friendly – Good API's, docs – Only install what you use – Usable for small and large – Good UI to replace WordPress use cases – Customization support like Umbraco – Proper caching and speed!
  4. A lot of plugins! – Text – Picture – Markup

    (reStructuredText, Markdown, Textile) – Shared content – Forms – Google docs viewer (PDF, .doc) – Twitter feeds – Code (Pygments) – Gist – Iframe – Raw HTML (embed codes) – Commentsarea – Disqus area
  5. Page node types! – Text page – Redirect page Custom:

    – Subsection node? – Blog category? – Webshop article? – Portfolio page?