Veruska Anconitano


Veruska Anconitano is a Multilingual SEO and globalization Consultant with 24 years of experience working with established brands that seek to enter non-English-speaking markets. Polyglot, fluent in English, Italian, Spanish, Korean, French, Portuguese, and Japanese. She embraces the linguistic richness of each market, orchestrating projects in additional languages I don't speak as a Project Manager.

Her Academic and professional background is a confluence of sociology, sociolinguistics, Systemic Functional Linguistics (SFL), and semiotics, crowned with a Master's in Data Science. This confluence empowers a unique culturalized approach to SEO, Internationalization, and Localization, melding the analytical rigor of data science with the nuanced understanding of societal and linguistic landscapes. As a sociologist and sociolinguistic working in search, language is a quest to capture the essence of cultures and unravel the threads of social interactions mirrored in search behaviors.

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