Zero Knowledge Architectures for mobile Applications

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October 05, 2017

Zero Knowledge Architectures for mobile Applications

#iosdev #security #trust #keys

- why we need ZKA
- what is ZKA, what are parts of ZKA system
- messaging, auth, data: how to use ZKA in these usecases
- ZKA data management example
- implementation details
- other possible usecases
- recap


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With intensifying threat access, snooping governments and insecure-internet-of-everything, the importance of zero-knowledge application architectures and end-to-end trust, for things more complicated than simple messaging, becomes more and more obvious for the app developers.

We will talk about real-world problems that ZKA fights against, learn typical cryptographic designs and progress in different spheres of ZKA. We will find out how to make data sharing, user collaboration on data in the cloud with your app provably secure.




video from MobiConf17


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October 05, 2017