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If you’re a Nigerian am sure you will understand what i mean. Before now making international payments online was not that difficult not until CBN (central bank of Nigeria ) came up with new policies which made it difficult using naira credit or debit cards to make online purchases.

Though Cards from some banks like UBA and GT does work but not guaranteed because it can just stop working anytime. It has happened to me severally.

Now that naira cards are difficult to use, the next option is opening a USD “dollar ” account which is not going to be very easy because of the stress of going to the bank and providing the many documents that will be required. Sure you know how Nigerian banks works.

Even if you succeed in opening the account ,funding it will become another problem. Imagine you needing just 10$ and you want to enter inside bank to help you fund such amount am sure you know that won’t work. That’s why we diverse a different method. The use of virtual cards.


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