Vuoi uno sviluppo mobile più veloce? Flutter è la via!

Vuoi uno sviluppo mobile più veloce? Flutter è la via!



May 02, 2018


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    Content 1. What is Flutter ? 2. The story 3.

    Tooling 4. Widgets 5. Testing 6. Use Cases 7. Example
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    1. mobile UI framework 2. made by google 3. helps

    to craft high-quality native interfaces on iOS and Android 4. free and open source 5. Fast Development experience
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    What do you need to setup Flutter? • Operating System

    of 64 bit (Windows, MacOs, Linux) • Disk Space: Windows — 400 MB, MacOs — 700 MB, Linux — 600 MB • Tools: Windows (git), MacOs-Linux (bash, mkdir, rm, git, curl, unzip, which) • Get the Flutter SDK • run “flutter doctor” on command prompt or POWER SHELL.
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    Dart is a general-purpose programming language originally developed by Google

    and later approved as a standard by Ecma — Wikipedia
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    1. Dart language is a cool language: 2. it’s familiar

    and easy to learn for developers 3. it’s Class-based and optionally typed 4. It has a cool Asynchronous Library (Future and Stream) 5. Dart helps to create an easy to understand layout for your UI
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    Flutter CLI doctor: Show information about the installed tooling. This

    command is vital to know if there is something dependencies missing. logs: Show log output for running Flutter apps. screenshot: Take a screenshot from a connected device. test: Run Flutter unit tests for the current project. trace: Start and stop tracing for a running Flutter app. With this command you can trace and measure wall/CPU time.
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    A widget can define: • a structural element (like a

    button or menu) • a stylistic element (like a font or color scheme) • an aspect of layout (like padding) • ...
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    Stateful Widget These one have a state and can change.

    When the state values changes, the Widget will be redrawn on the screen.
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    Unit testing Tests are run on local Dart VM with

    a headless version of the Flutter Engine
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    widget = new Padding( padding: new EdgeInsets.all( 32.0), child: new

    Column(children: <Widget>[ new Flexible( child: new FirebaseAnimatedList( query: reference, sort: (a, b) => b. key.compareTo(a. key), padding: new EdgeInsets.all( 8.0), reverse: true, itemBuilder: (context, DataSnapshot snapshot, Animation<double> animation,int x) { //new return new Quote( snapshot: snapshot, animation: animation ); }, ), ), new Align( alignment: const Alignment(0.0, -0.2), child: new FloatingActionButton( child: const Icon(Icons. add), onPressed: () { Navigator. of(context).pushNamed( '/add'); }, ), ), ], ), );
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    new Form( key: _formKey, autovalidate: _autovalidate, onWillPop: _warnUserAboutInvalidData, child: new

    ListView( padding: const EdgeInsets.symmetric(horizontal: 16.0), children: <Widget>[ new TextFormField( decoration: const InputDecoration( icon: const Icon(Icons. person), hintText: 'Author', labelText: 'author *', ), onSaved: (String value) { _author = value; }, validator: _validateName,), new TextFormField( decoration: const InputDecoration( icon: const Icon(Icons. note), hintText: 'Your quote', labelText: 'Quote',), maxLines: 3, keyboardType: TextInputType. emailAddress, onSaved: (String value) { _quote = value; }, validator: _validateName,), new Container( alignment: Alignment. center, padding: const EdgeInsets.symmetric(vertical: 16.0), child: new RaisedButton( child: const Text('ADD'), onPressed: _handleSubmitted,),),],),),
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    bool _IsLoading; bool Logged; State _IsLoading _IsLoading true false Logged

    true impossible quotes Logged false progress login