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A talk about talks

A talk about talks

How my first public talk went and the lessons I learnt from it and why more of us should conquer our fears and try speaking


October 10, 2013

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  1. A talk about talks Second Wednesday - Nottingham October 2013

    Thursday, 10 October
  2. Creative Director @Offroadcode I tweet a lot from @welcomebrand I

    also sell kitchen knives @cutedgeknives James Young Thursday, 10 October
  3. What is this about? • What I remember from my

    first talk • Why I now actually quite like talking • Why lots of people don’t • Why you should give it a go Thursday, 10 October
  4. My first talk The things you learn when you’re the

    client Hybrid Conference - August 2013, Cardiff Thursday, 10 October
  5. Oh the nerves .... • 6 months to worry •

    20 minute talk • 150+ attendees • Sharing a conference with some very experienced speakers • Worrying about all the tech and setup Thursday, 10 October
  6. Photo http://www.flickr.com/photos/alpower/sets/72157635123084067/ The longest 20 minutes of my life Thursday,

    10 October
  7. Afterwards • Total elation and relief • Facepalm at not

    checking my slides were fullscreen • Thrilled people took something from the talk • Meeting some amazing attendees and fellow speakers Thursday, 10 October
  8. So why don’t more of us talk? Thursday, 10 October

  9. Never spoken at a web conf/event/meetup? Are there any fears/reasons

    you've not tried yet? Thursday, 10 October
  10. The fears are all pretty common Thursday, 10 October

  11. Mainly the fear of not being able to properly explain

    what I'm talking about. https://twitter.com/kaelifa/status/383183922000973824 Concern #1: Not being clear enough Thursday, 10 October
  12. Lack of confidence in front of crowds and sounding like

    a complete idiot. https://twitter.com/FreelanceNathan/status/383224867455516672 Concern #2: Making a total balls of it Thursday, 10 October
  13. Impostor syndrome. I wouldn't have the confidence to believe I

    know what I'm talking about. https://twitter.com/samshupac/status/383185554378354688 Concern #3: Impostor syndrome Thursday, 10 October
  14. I stutter / slur a bit when nervous, plus my

    accent. https://twitter.com/thecodezombie/status/383190390695661568 Concern #4: Something wrong with my voice, accent or appearance Thursday, 10 October
  15. https://twitter.com/benhowdle/status/367964684093513728 Thursday, 10 October

  16. Not so much ... Thursday, 10 October

  17. Most of these things can be overcome with practice Don’t

    worry! Thursday, 10 October
  18. You can be one by sharing your experiences and stories.

    The Expert • Outline a problem or share a story personal to you • Share your solution or attempts at a solution • People like hearing about success, but love failure stories! • “It depends” Thursday, 10 October
  19. Selling chef knives • Know more than most of customers

    • Accept that some people know more than us • Keep learning! Thursday, 10 October
  20. I’d rather [_______________________] than speak in public Thursday, 10 October

  21. 61 miles.... I’d rather run here instead of talk in

    public Thursday, 10 October
  22. I need a volunteer... Thursday, 10 October

  23. That went well! / Oh dear ... Thursday, 10 October

  24. What can you take from this? • Speaking can be

    scary but those fears can be managed • It’s a great way to expand your horizons and make new contacts • It’s easier to socialise at a conference when you’ve done a talk • It’s up to a conference organiser to decide if your talk is suitable • Give it a go, you’ll feel awesome after! Thursday, 10 October
  25. Thank you James Young @welcomebrand & @Offroadcode Thursday, 10 October

  26. Some resources & reading On Speaking - http://bradfrostweb.com/blog/post/on-speaking/ Speaking &

    Me - http://www.robertmills.me/speaking-and-me/ Feeling of Speaking - https://medium.com/this-happened-to-me/10dee43951d5 Giving your first talk - http://chadtomkiss.co.uk/post/56966187874/giving-your-first-talk Life on the other side - http://www.sazzy.co.uk/2011/01/life-on-the-other-side/ “Glossophobia” - The fear of public speaking - http://www.glossophobia.com/ Some more good news .... No real evidence people are more afraid of speaking than dying - http://www.quora.com/Is-there- Thursday, 10 October