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Aleksandar Savkovic - How to hire the right person and how to be the right person for the job

Aleksandar Savkovic - How to hire the right person and how to be the right person for the job

Everything you need to know about recruiting, hiring and onboarding processes in WP oriented companies, how to select, test and onboard new employee and how to get advantage over other candidates if you are looking for a job.


WordPress Greek Community

December 09, 2017


  1. Hire and Get Hired Aleksandar Savkovic /// WPAleks Community Educator

  2. If you are recruiter or you are just looking for

    a new job, this is how we do it.
  3. 95% <200$/ month

  4. You are the lucky ones with 50$+/day

  5. Enough with boring stats and numbers

  6. Not So FAST 6 Seconds test

  7. Who is this guy?

  8. None
  9. Who is this guy?

  10. None
  11. Why 6 Seconds Test Average recruiter spends 6 seconds for

    a quick application review
  12. There is no second chance to leave the first impression

    and show your passion.
  13. Employers interview four or five candidates in-person for each job

    opening Chances to be rejected are in the range 75-95%
  14. But You Will Blame BAD LUCK

  15. Let's try Luck Come ONNN Still Nothing Nothing ha Noup

    Where is that Luck
  16. There is no such a thing but only passion

  17. Your parents gave you 5 career ruining advices Hard work

    pays off. How to be self-sufficient. There’s no shame in struggling. Every moment spent together is a gift. The value of a Drachma.
  18. There is only one thing that matter

  19. Passion But how to show it? Pursue your dreams

  20. 1 application at a time

  21. Ask yourself: How are you really? What a certain company

    needs? What do you need?
  22. Company and Product Learn EVERYTHING If there is a free

    trial, test the product and get familiar with it.
  23. Never misspell the brand name!

  24. Check both if you are the perfect fit for the

    company and is that company the perfect fit for you.
  25. Never apply twice for the same company unless you failed

    the test earlier.
  26. Send your C.V and motivational letter half an hour-hour after

    working hours starts.
  27. Behave on social networks. Everything that you wrote in your

    C.V. can and will be checked.
  28. Don't forget that your WordPress.org profile is the best C.V.

  29. Check your e-mail more often and reply ASAP.

  30. You are invited for an interview Congrats! Not so fast

  31. Dress appropriately and turn up prepared .

  32. Let's talk about money . NO !!!

  33. Postpone all questions about the money for the end .

  34. 1. How Much You Made at Your Last Job 2.

    What would you be happy with?
  35. When you get home, follow up with an e-mail "thank

    you for giving me a chance for the interview, I hope that I left good impression."
  36. Good LUCK Or better, Be Passionate

  37. June 14-16, Belgrade, Serbia | #WCEU​

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