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Talk for Go Conference 2019 Spring.

Yohei Takeda

May 18, 2019

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  1. After my talk, you... ▸ Can grasp what to do

    to be a contributor! ▸ Get encouraged to start your action! ▸ Understand that anybody(requires a little english) can try! 6
  2. What I found out after my challenge ▸ You don’t

    have to be the “greatest engineer” ▸ At least for Go! Can’t imagine? Let me share precisely, the steps I actually took! 7
  3. Yohei Takeda @yotakyotak Go engineer, team leader @ Media Do

    Sometimes Vue.js, AWS Began engineer career after graduating University, without CS background 9
  4. 11 ”CONTRIBUTOR” SOUNDS SOOOO COOL!! At my first job, almost

    nobody around me was a “contributor”.
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  6. 16 Editing source codes might be difficult, but I can

    add documents or examples. Why not give it a try?
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  11. Least thing to do, add docs for: ▸ go compile

    -m ▸ go link -a, -buildid 32
  12. My decision Document all the flags provided for compile/link. I

    SHOULD SEEK FOR IDEAL SOLUTION. What I could have done Before starting to work on it, ask Go members if I’m on the wrong track. 34
  13. Simply, read, read and read ▸ Around 10 articles about

    build/compile/link ▸ Try commands with flags ▸ Get deeper understanding of Go! 36
  14. Try to understand the feedback ▸ “flags related to debug

    info generated by the compiler, and flags related to debugging the compiler itself” ▸ I understand what it means, but difficult to judge for each flags… Don’t spend too much time!! 45
  15. Don’t be embarrassed! ▸ It’s important to be honest, especially

    when you communicate with somebody who don’t know how skilled you are. ▸ Assume you don’t have chance to talk with reviewers. You have to communicate on “comments”. Then you have to be precise. 47
  16. What I’ve done for the following 3 patches ▸ Repeat

    the basic steps. Read feedback, read source code, add some backgrounds if any. ▸ I’ve made some mistakes... miss commits, misunderstandings ▸ My job got busy, I couldn’t work on this for 3 months 54
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  20. Not easy ▸ It took me about 20~30h. Studying +

    4,5h per patch ▸ Not all english is easy. But it’s not face-to-face communication, take time. ▸ You might not fully understand the source codes. But sometimes you don’t have to. 62
  21. What I should have done ▸ When you’re too busy

    to continue, you should say so. Someone else might work on it, and there’s always other issues for you to work on when you get free. ▸ When there’s anything unclear, ask before submitting patch. 63
  22. But worth a challenge! ▸ You don’t have to be

    scared, embarrassed. Don’t just submit your source code, add precise comments, ask questions, share anything you have in your mind. ▸ Your process doesn’t have to be “perfect”. Start your journey to Go contributor! 64