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Guerrilla UX

Guerrilla UX

Slides from my Guerrilla UX Methods workshop at Web2.0

Todd Zaki Warfel

October 10, 2011

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  1. #GRMethods | @zakiwarfel Market research is what you do when

    your product isn’t any good. Edwin H. Land, Polaroid invented instant photography “
  2. #GRMethods | @zakiwarfel Guerrilla marketing is a body of unconventional

    ways of pursuing conventional goals. It is a proven method of achieving pro ts with minimum money. Jay Conrad Levinson, Author of Guerrilla Marketing “
  3. #GRMethods | @zakiwarfel Guerrilla methods are faster, less expensive, less

    rigorous versions of their non-guerrilla cousins. They o er an acceptable trade-o between rigor and cost e ective techniques. Todd Zaki Warfel and Russ Unger, Authors of Guerrilla UX Research Methods “
  4. #GRMethods | @zakiwarfel I can’t make multi-million dollar decisions based

    on information from 8-12 people. My Client, a Big Telco and Media Company “
  5. #GRMethods | @zakiwarfel Photo by John Morrison We look for

    what we call the point of least astonishment. Jared Spool, Founder and CEO User Interface Engineering “
  6. #GRMethods | @zakiwarfel Photo by Tim Duckett The minimum necessary

    time, budget and fuss so this kind of insight is available to pretty much any client, budget, or timeframe. Leisa Reichelt, Freelance UX Consultant “
  7. #GRMethods | @zakiwarfel My boss is an anthropologist and she

    won’t let me buy your book. She says guerrilla methods aren’t reliable. Participant, Guerrilla Methods UX Week “
  8. #GRMethods | @zakiwarfel Many of our current ethnographic methods were

    once considered guerrilla. Ginny Redish, author of User and Task Analysis for Interface Design “
  9. #GRMethods | @zakiwarfel • Allow people to check-in/out of their

    hotel • Consider audience, knowledge, experience, pain- points • Should work with or without a mobile device ACTIVITY: Hotel Check-in System
  10. #GRMethods | @zakiwarfel • Start with an activity, context, and

    time frame • Ask for them to show and tell • Listen for pain points and seek opportunities • Don’t lead the user to the “right” path • Allow for exploration and discovery • Only build what you need. No more. I. Planning Tips: Test Scenario / Tasks
  11. #GRMethods | @zakiwarfel II. Recruiting Tips / Resources • Current

    customer list • Mechanical Turk • Ethnio • Craigslist • Facebook • Twitter • Friends and family
  12. #GRMethods | @zakiwarfel • Man on the Street • Burrito

    Lunch • RIPS / RITE • A/B Testing • Remote Usability Testing • Unmoderated Testing • Mobile Testing • Body Storming • Design Studio • Design the Box Modern Day Guerrilla Methods
  13. #GRMethods | @zakiwarfel A/B Testing Tools • ABTests.com • Optimizely

    • NinjaButton • KISSmetrics • Verster • Modesty • Unbounce • Google Website Optimizer • A/B Theme Testing Plugin for WordPress • Visual Website Optimizer
  14. #GRMethods | @zakiwarfel Remote Tools • Adobe Connect • WebEx

    • Go2Meeting • Silverback • Skype • iChat • Reframer
  15. #GRMethods | @zakiwarfel Unmoderated Tools • Glance.net • Ethnio •

    Loop11 • OpenHallway • UserFocus • UsabilityTest.com • Survs • SurveyMonkey • ABTests.com • OptimalSort • Userlytics • UserZoom