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Bebras: Computional Thinking in Primary & Secondary Schools

May 18, 2024

Bebras: Computional Thinking in Primary & Secondary Schools

Bebras Spain presentation at SCPNA 2024


May 18, 2024


  1. What is Bebras? Bebras is an international initiative aiming to

    promote computational thinking (CT) among school students at all ages.
  2. Executive Functions “The ability to think about a concrete and

    specific goal and organize the means to achieve it.” M. Gómez Beldarráin y J. Tirapu Ustárroz. 2012. Neuropsicología de la corteza prefrontal y funciones ejecutivas: una visión panorámica.
  3. CT <-> Executive Functions ☗ Anticipate ☗ Inhibition ☗ Decision

    making ☗ Planification ☗ Concentration ☗ Mental flexibility ☗ Pattern recognition ☗ Evaluation ☗ Algorithms ☗ Decomposition ☗ Abstraction ☗ Modelling & Simulation
  4. A good Bebras task should be ☗ Representative of informatics

    concepts ☗ Easily understandable ☗ Solved within 3 minutes ☗ Short, e.g. presentable at a single screen page ☗ Independent from specific systems ☗ Interesting and/or funny
  5. Bebras Spain ☗ Official National Organizer ☗ Participating member since

    2013 ☗ Attending International Bebras Workshop annually ☗ but.…
  6. So what? ☗ Talk to your friends about it ☗

    Talk to other parents about it ☗ Talk to your kids’ teachers about it ☗ And refer anyone what wants to know more [email protected]