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Reboot Iceland

November 16, 2011

Reboot Iceland

A small introduction to the financial struggles Iceland has gone through in the last three years, the draft for a new constitution generated as consequence, the startup approach used to redact it and how technology has been used as catalyst for it.

You can see the video recording of this talk at http://vimeo.com/aitorgarcia/reboot-iceland (spanish audio only, sorry).

'Reboot Iceland' was given on Nov 16, 2011 during a 2 day conference called 'Toma los datos' (http://www.tomalosdatos.alboan.org) organized by Alboan, a basque NGO focused on creating sustainable and equal conditions for all people.

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November 16, 2011

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    Thu 9 Oct. 2008 “The worst case of financial body odor I've encountered in some time” Robert Peston BBC
  2. Sat 4 Sun 5 Mon 6 Tue 7 Wed 8

    Thu 9 Oct. 2008 Landsbanki Freezing Order 2008
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  4. Gabriel Cisneros Manuel Fraga Iribarne Miguel Herrero y Rodríguez de

    Miñón Gregorio Peces-Barba José Pedro Pérez-Llorca Miquel Roca Jordi Solé Tura S IS u iL
  5. Professor of Economics, Director Ethics Institute of the University of

    Iceland, Physician, Lawyer, Farmer, Journalist, Pastor, Manager of the Division Architecture at Reykjavik Art Museu, Chairman of Game Development Company CCP, Theatre Director, University Professor, Former Museum Director and Teacher, Media Presenter, Trade Union Chairman, University Student, Consumer Spokesperson, Filmmaker I l i u iL
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  7. “We, who inhabit Iceland, want to create a fair society,

    where everyone is equal. Our different origins enriches all of us as a whole and together we have the responsibility for the legacy of the generations, land and history, nature, language and culture” New Icelandic Draft Preamble
  8. Society fixing itself. Social disobedience as tool. Citizens as law

    and decision makers. Tech and pragmatism as catalyst.