Abdul Fares | Negative Effects of Bad Bots on Retail Ecommerce

Abdul Fares | Negative Effects of Bad Bots on Retail Ecommerce

It’s the peak seasons for businesses and exciting time for shoppers to get all the goodies e-commerce sites has to offer says Abdul Fares.

Here is Abdul Fares, the brain behind a reputable e-commerce business, the challenges of automated or bad bots and what they do to your business.


Abdul Fares

January 14, 2020


  1. Impact of Bad Bots on Retail Ecommerce Abdul Fares

  2. Bad Bots Do you know that humans are not the

    only one generating traffic on your websites? Well, say hello to bots…or malicious bots. Bad bots are sophisticated and they mimic real human behaviors to disrupt the perfect functioning of the websites and thus, reduce sales says Abdul Fares.
  3. What are the effects of Bad Bots on Retail Ecommerce?

  4. 1. Steal the Pricing Data One of the main sources

    of bad bots are competitors who scrap products information and pricing from the websites. The aim is to have a competitive advantage and sell more to the target audience says Abdul Fares.
  5. 2. Account Takeover Hackers perform identity theft, gain access to

    a user’s account, engage in fraudulent practices and authorized transactions or shopping.
  6. 3. Scrape Prices and Product Information Bad bots come in

    as real shoppers, add products to carts, make it unavailable, and then disappear without checking out. This can reduce sales, conversion rates and overall customer experience.
  7. 4. Fraud This is a heinous act in which criminals

    steal loyalty points, and commit gift cards and credit card fraud.
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