Known unknowns

Known unknowns

This is my second, bigger, better take on "little problems":

It warns about elephants in the room and adds two examples, so:
1. is about "just a checkbox" - for starters
2. is about importing - as the main dish, it goes with code and UX
3. is about reporting - tips to help add value


"That's easy, I just need... could you do that in 5 minutes?"
Love it or hate it, you've heard that a lot.

Young devs accept to be the rockstars, old devs forbid this outright as the symptom of deeper and more dangerous causes.
How and why?

What I'll show here are simple needs you run into every day, the traps they hide and some possible evolutions I've met.


Sylvain Abélard

March 04, 2014