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Azure Data Centers and Regions

7437b838338581b08ca72340b05475b9?s=47 Benjamin Abt
August 20, 2021

Azure Data Centers and Regions

Brief overview of Azure's infrastructural design and key infrastructure components.


Benjamin Abt

August 20, 2021


  1. Azure Datacenters and Regions Azure Global Infrastructure Map infrastructuremap.microsoft.com

  2. Azure Regions Microsoft groups its global data centers primarily into

  3. Azure Regions A region is the union of multiple data

    center locations that are grouped together. Primarilybased on latency.
  4. Azure Regions Today, Microsoft has more than 60 regions in

    over 140 countries.
  5. Azure Availability Zones Physical locations that are always located within

    a region. Each zone spans at least one data center.
  6. Azure Data Centers More than 220 data centers offer more

    than 200 different products to match your specific needs.
  7. Azure Edges / Point of Presence Additionally, Microsoft operates more

    than 180 Edge / POP sites to be as close to metropolitan areas as possible to optimize latency and load.
  8. Azure Edges / Point of Presence POP Sites are locations

    managed by Microsoft. The idea is to enter the Microsoft Global Azure Network as fast as possible.
  9. Azure Edges / Point of Presence In addition to the

    gateway into the Microsoft network, services are also hosted directly, for example Azure CDN. This takes load off the global network and delivers (ex. static content) more reliable and faster.
  10. Azure Sustainability Microsoft invests immensely in the sustainable operation of

    its data centers as well as in itself. Carbon Benefits of Cloud Computing https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/global-infrastructure/sustainability/
  11. More information on the official Azure Global Infrastructure Map https://infrastructuremap.microsoft.com/explore

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